Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weekly Winners - March 23

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Happy Easter Everyone! It's been a long and crazy week and I'm looking forward to spending a relaxing day with family and good food today. We're not mentioning the word "diet" today because the Easter Bunny brought me that Chocolate Bunny he promised me.
Monday night was Ashley's band concert. I was so afraid that I wasn't going to be able to see her play due to a mandatory PTO meeting, but all worked out just fine since her grade level played first.

On Friday, the day was warm and sunny at 62 degrees and we were all in great need of getting out of the house. I've been wanting some new books to read, so I took the kids to the big downtown library. Ryan came home with 5 books about castles and Star Wars. He was really excited, but is now saying he doesn't want to ever give them back. Ever.

While the kids and I were downtown, Bret ran some of his own errands - one of which was getting more food for both the dog and bird. Remember what I said about letting him go to the pet store by himself?
Meet Hector of Troy.

Ryan is still obsessed with the TV version of the movie, Troy that is saved on our DVR. Hence the name of our newest pet. I have to admit he is cute. And when he fell asleep in Bret's hand this afternoon I almost forgot that hamsters remind me of mice. *Shiver* He's still a baby, so that makes him cute for now.

I tried, unsuccessfully, to get out of coloring Easter Eggs by letting Ashley make Jello Eggs on Friday.

So, of course I had to make a gourmet meal to go with the jello eggs. (Did you think otherwise?)Yummy chicken, covered in butter, garlic salt and Lawry's salt and roasted in the oven...

...and these awesome Bacon Cheddar Ranch Red Potatoes.

Sunday consisted of pure laziness. I redesigned my blog after losing the whole darn template while talking on the phone and not paying attention.

Ryan still dominates at Checkers. I'm too embarassed to say how many times he's beaten me.

Easter egg coloring. I didn't get out of it. I shouldn't complain because I probably only have one more year, maybe two before you know what.

I told you he was addicted to the movie Troy. (Look closely at the egg.)

Ashley did her share, too.

And even helped her brother out with the tattoos.

"Let me show you how I feel about these tattoos!"

They had fun. At least Daisy stuck around to help me clean up the mess.

We woke up this morning, Easter morning to snow flurries. (Only in the midwest.)

Ryan found his basket with no problems this morning.

The Easter Bunny was a little bit sneakier with Ashley's basket. It took her quite awhile.

(She's still looking. Ha.) Ryan finds more of his eggs.

Found it.

Happy Easter, Everyone!


Secret Agent Mama said...

Splendid photos! HAPPY EASTER!!

Brandie said...

Happy Easter! I love your picture story. Your new blog design looks fantastic, and your dinner looks delicious! I love how you hid the Easter baskets ... I'll have to remember that one.

HRH said...

fun photos...I had forgotten about the jello eggs...yum.

Rebecca said...

Hector is cute! :)

Jenty said...

That chicken looks yummy!! I like the way you hid whole baskets instead of individual eggs, very clever!!

lynda w said...

secret agent mama - I LOVE your name!

Brandie - The chicken was out of this world. Bret would eat it every night if I were to give in and make it that often!

hrh - They were giving the molds out for free at the grocery store yesterday and we couldn't resist.

rebecca - do you need a hamster in a couple of months when he's not so cute and baby like looking? LoL

jenty - we still hide plastic eggs filled with candy. last year I tried to hide the real eggs and you would have thought that the Easter Bunny had let them down in a serious way. I'll never make that mistake again. I grew up having to look for my basket and it kind of became tradition. The kids love it.

Now I must go check out the gym schedule for tomorrow since I'm down to the chocolate bunny's neck.

maggie said...

Great pictures! I never even knew the Jello egg mold thing existed. Now I need one on principle. Cute hamster and lots of cute pictures of Easter fun, too!

Rose said...

Looks like a lovely Easter!

Rick Rack Attack said...

That meal loks delish! I'm new to Weekly Winners.

Stop by sometime. I'll fix you a glass of iced tea & you can put your feet up.

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