Monday, November 12, 2007

Meet Soncho

Earlier today, while off from work for Veteran's Day, Bret made a trip to Walmart to get his oil changed and came back with a Love Bird from Super Pets. (I'm not sure how he managed to get so side tracked, either.)
While growing up, Bret had a Love Bird named Poncho that lived to be 20 years old. Poncho ultimately ended up being Grandpa's bird when Bret went off to college and passed away just a couple of years ago (Poncho, not Grandpa!). Ever since then, Bret has toyed with the idea of getting one for our home.
So, meet Soncho, our new Love Bird. He looks like the mini parrot that he is and has the best disposition. He's already bonding with us and has quite the personality. But the best part is when he's sitting on your shoulder and starts preening your hair and nibbling on your earlobe. It's totally therapeutic.
The kids were really surprised when they got home from school today.

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