Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekly Winners - March 30

Hosted by Sarcastic Mom aka Lotus

Today is our last day up here in Chicago. We'll be heading back home after lunch since the kids have school tomorrow. (That will be me you see dancing in the street as the bus drives away.)
Sleeping in until 9:30am was a beautiful luxury this morning. Once we were up, it was time to find something to do, though.
The kids and I at my mom's.

Ashley and Ryan playing with my mom's dog.

For lunch we went to the one and only place there is to go to in Chicago - White Castles, of course. It's probably a good thing we don't have them in Peoria - I don't think my stomach could handle it.

Someone made us stop at Subway first.

The one and only.

After lunch, we went Miniature Golfing. Ryan was adamant that he didn't want to go and that he didn't like to play golf, but he ended up having the most fun out of any of us.

A Ryan sized house.

A castle for a Princess.

Poor Homer. We found him this way, face down in the water. He must have forgotten to pay his tab.

He can get away with pretty much anything when he's looking this cute.

She shouldn't be allowed to grow up so quickly.

Who said you can't go home? (The street I grew up on.)

Once we were done golfing, it was off to dinner at my Aunt's house. We haven't been home since Christmas and it was so great to visit. You don't realize just how much you miss people until you're sitting around the table having a good time with them.

*My Aunt spent quite a bit of time getting the table nice and pretty for desert and then she dropped the pie as she went to put it in a sturdier dish. Ha!

We brought gifts with us since we had missed my brother's birthday a week or so ago and my mom's birthday is next month.

Luke, my Aunt's Golden Retriever, may just be the sweetest dog ever.

We're off to breakfast now...


MamaFlo said...

Looks like a great Saturday and sounds like you loved the change of pace.
I'm from St Louis originally and I loved White Castle (I know what you mean about the heartburn though). When I started eating them they were 5 cents each, yes you heard that right (and of course that lets you know that I'm probably the age of your own parents).

Karen said...

Great photos! The one of poor Homer made me laugh. Thanks for sharing!!!

Rebecca said...

Sounds like you're having fun...

HRH said...

fun pictures! My favorites were the ones of the golf houses.

ya ya's mom said...

looks like you had a fun time!! i've never been to a white castle, would love to have the experience!

Jeanette said...

What nice pictures. I love golden retrievers.

Anonymous said...

Drive home safe. It was lots of fun this weekend!

Secret Agent Mama said...

Oh, I loved them all... but White Castle got me.. Mmmmmmmmmm

maggie said...

Ah, Chicago, White Casltle's, Cubs stuff in the background. I feel like we are cousins or something. Great pictures and glad you had a good time. Sometimes I miss home.

baby~amore' said...

Beautiful what a fun week you all had- Liked the little houses and well of them

My WW is up
My Little Drummer boys

Wendy said...

I can't believe you are from Peoria:) I grew up so close to there in Chillicothe!! I live in New Hampshire now, but I go back yearly to visit family. Too funny:) We spend a lot of time in Peoria since there is nothing to do in the big "C"! LOL!!!

Head Gaggler said...

Yummm, White Castle. Love it. Poor Homey. Great shots, all of them!

Brandie said...

Great pics. I want to go minature golfing sometime soon! Glad you had so much fun in Chicago. The homer pic is great!