Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - March 27

Thirteen Things We've Done Over Spring Break

2. Easter

3. Taken a trip to the downtown library.





8. I think I may be in trouble here...





13. My kids are not going to be happy when they go back to school and hear about all of the cool things that the other kids have done. If only the weather would cooperate...

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Neen said...

LOL nothing wrong with not doing much. I can't wait for spring break here. Just so I can sleep in LMAO!

Denise Patrick said...

LOL What a great list!! I remember those days of Spring Break just being a week of doing nothing!! Sometimes those are the best times.

Happy TT!

maggie said...

My favorite things on your list are the nothings. Well, OK, and the zoo.

Kat said...

Rest and relaxation is all I want to do during spring break! :-) Happy TT

Mine is up at

Anonymous said...

Last but not least...trip to Chicago! Everyone else will be jealous of them! And their Grammy will be so HAPPY!

Tell Ashley breakfast is at the Diner Sunday morning. She's been telling me forever that she wants to go there.