Sunday, March 16, 2008

Checkers Superstar

He gloats.

But I will get him. Anyone know of some good sites on the web that teach you how to beat a 7 year old at Checkers?
Games played today: 5
Ryan's wins: 5
Mom's wins: 0


Jon & Emily said...

don't ask 6 year old beats me, too. every game we play, i always end up in the "toilet bowl championship game". :-)

Teri said...

that is way too sweet!! I would be excited too if I were him...

MamaFlo said...

Let him have this victory, men learn all too soon that the only time they'll ever win in their lives is when they are young and they've played against their Moms. Hahahaaaa

Brandie said...

I think perhaps your little angels have figured out really good cheating techniques :-) If they aren't cheating, I have no way to help you. I don't even know how to play!

I agree with you about Chucky Cheese. The worse is when the parents let the children run up the skeetball lane and deposit the balls right into the holes. Also, when they let a 1 year old chuck those balls. Last time I went some parents let their kid throw 9 of those balls -- 7 of which came right at me and into my lane. Gotta love Chucky Cheese.