Friday, March 28, 2008

Damn Smokers

Three and a half hours later, we're finally here in Chicago at my mom's house. Three and a half hours. Ugh.

The drive here started out fairly normal until 45 minutes or so in when Ashley started feeling car sick. We pulled over to a gas station about twenty miles past Bloomington, IL and got some crackers for Ash and other yummy's for myself and Ryan.

Back on I55 again, I'm talking to my mom on my cell phone and twenty minutes have passed when I see a sign welcoming us to Bloomington, IL. What the...?! Didn't we just come from that direction? Crap! I went the wrong freaking way - and it took me twenty minutes to figure it out.

I get us back on track and am still fuming over my own stupidity. Ashley is still feeling really sick and Ryan is telling me that he has to go potty - after we've already stopped at a gas station. I sigh, put my turn signal on and pull over to the shoulder. I press the button on my fancy overhead console that magically opens the sliding door on the shoulder side of the road. Ryan gets up and stands in the doorway, does his thing and I close the door - all without having to get out of my minivan. Awesome! You've gotta love having little boys!

We're finally back in route and other than the standard every 10 minute, "Are we there yet?" that comes from Ryan, things seem to be going fine. We merge onto I80, excited to almost be there, when the idiot in the lane next to mine, throws his still smoldering cigarette butt out his window and it hits my windshield dead center!

If it hadn't been for all of the above events that lead us to being exactly where we were in that exact time and place, we wouldn't have been accosted by a smoldering cigarette butt. Weird. I am so glad to be a nonsmoker now! 3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days y'all!

So now Ryan and my brother are plastered in front of the TV playing the Lego Star Wars game on PlayStation 3. Little does my 6'7" manly brother know that my daughter is dead serious about him doing her Dance Dance Revolution game with her. She even brought him his very own mat!


Vicki said...

Well I'm sure glad you guys finally got here safely! I know first hand about missing exits while talking on the cellphone but at least I'm usually driving in the right direction!

MamaFlo said...

I had to laugh at the "wrong direction", that is something I've always feared (but never done.....yet). Seriously, even thinking about it now I have to laugh, really snicker.
I am happy to hear that you made it in one piece and no worse for the wear.
Enjoy the weekend with your family and as for the cigarette butt in your windshield, that was all of us other quitters reminding you that you can't smoke :).

maggie said...

Glad you made it safely, and I do think that being a boy would have it's nice moments! Congrats on your 3 months, weeks and days, which is very cool all in 3's like that.

lynda w said...

I'm laughing now about the trip here last night, but the kids want to know why we can't just take an airplane home.