Saturday, March 15, 2008

Beaten By The Under 13 Crowd

Well, the egg hunt at the outdoor mall didn't happen today due to the freak snowy Saturday that came after the freak 72 degree Friday. Only in the Midwest!

I did, however do my mommy of the year duty and took my son to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese this afternoon. I'm thankful to be alive and sane. My new name for Chuck E Cheese is Chuck 'O Nightmare. What parent hating person came up with the idea of that place? The problem with that place is that the kids that need to be supervised, aren't. We did have fun plowing through the tokens with some games of ski ball until I caught the unsupervised hoodlum in the lane next to ours taking Ryan's tickets as they came out. I called her on it and made her give them back to him. Ugh.

I've been trying all afternoon and evening to get my house clean, but Ryan found out that we have a Checkers game and has somehow convinced me to play every 30 minutes, it seems. He's beaten me every single game. I then got suckered into a game of Chess with Ashley, only to once again get taken. How is it possible that a 31 year old can get beaten so badly by 7 & 12 year olds? Then again, when I was a teenager babysitting my younger cousins, they would beat me in the game of Memory every singe time. It is so not fair!

So now I sit here at almost 11pm at night with a house that got cleaned all the way up to the kitchen - the one room that needed it the worst, of course. The kids are finally in bed, but my ego is still pretty bruised. It was nice to spend some fun time with my kids, watching them learn new games and skills, but did they really have to pick it up that quickly? Anyone for a game of Checkers or Chess? I obviously need the practice.

I'm off to finish my last few sips of Bacardi Silver's Mango Mojito. Yum, you must try it. Unfortunately, I can't stomach beer anymore since quitting smoking. The two went hand in hand and beer just tastes awful to me now.


maggie said...

Chuck E Cheese is kind of a scary place, but I do love the ski ball! A Mango Mojito has to help with the whole bruised ego and not finished cleaning house issues, no?

MamaFlo said...

I think we should all meet up at your house Lynda and help you clean house with a Mango Mojito in each of our hands and then call a cab (since we'd all be too looped to drive) and head over to Chuck E Cheese to take tickets away from every kids there and play skeet ball ourselves.

I'm proud of you for not smoking, even with a bruised ego.
Way to Go!!!