Sunday, January 18, 2009

Keeping Us Busy

The New Year has brought busy times with it. Ashley's Volleyball Team's games have started. They are 0 for 2, but have come so close to their first win as their new school's first team. They're having fun and Ashley is getting tons of play time. She is the second tallest girl on her team.

Mack continues to grow and Daisy continues to tolerate him. This shows just how much she has to tolerate:

Mack has slept in his crate in the family room at night since we got him last month, but lately he's starting to understand where Daisy sleeps and has been trying to invite himself in. We gave in this weekend and brought Daisy's downstairs bed up for Mack and he slept throught the night in our room on it both nights! It seems there will be no more crate for the puppy at night anymore!


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pinewood Derby and Puppy Updates

It's been super busy around here since the New Year rolled around. I'm planning Rock The House again this year and since it's next month, I only seeing myself getting busier from here on out.
Mack is 5 months old now and has now put on a total of 10 pounds since we got him almost a month ago. Look at the size of his paws in the picture below. Yes, I'm nervous, too. He's pretty much housebroken now and is very well behaved until visitors come over. He assumes anyone that comes through the door is here to see him and gets super excited. When that happens he forgets all manners and doesn't seem to hear me when I try to control him. That would be our big challenge right now. He and Daisy get along fairly well until he gets these little hyper periods where he runs around the house at 60 mph and tries to engage her in play. She's an old lady and is just not having it. We're working on that right now, as well.

Today was Ryan's Pinewood Derby race. He and Bret built Two Faced a set of wheels and while it didn't break any speed records, it did come in second place for best looking.

Since bringing Mack home from the pound last month, we've had him sleep in his crate in the family room. He also stays in there when we're not home or just plain need a break from all things puppy. I've been cleaning the house today and have let him follow me around for the most part. After some time I realized that I didn't know where he was or what he was up to. (Panic!) I quietly looked for him and found him - all snuggly warm in my dark (my camera has a super bright flash) bedroom sleeping in Daisy's bed. I have a feeling this means he won't be sleeping in his crate for much longer.

Sweet, isn't it?

Friday, January 02, 2009


I received this book as a Christmas gift from my aunt last week. I had declared yesterday as a lazy day, picked up the book and started to read it, and wasn't able to put it down until I was finished. I have to say that I was under the impression that this was a true story after reading the foreword and continued to believe so throughout the book, which may be why I was able to read it so quickly. While I was relieved that the little girl in the story was not real and did not go through the unthinkable, I felt a little betrayed by the author when I went to the book's website and found that none of it was real. That said, this is still one of the best books I've read in a long time. I won't get into the details of the book for fear of ruining it for someone that still has yet to read it, but it really makes you think on a deeper level.