Saturday, September 30, 2006

Children's Museum Visit

Teri and I and a friend of hers took all of the kids to The Children's Museum in Bloomington today. It's a really neat, fun and educational place and the kids had a great time. Suprisingly, after being together all day, the kids really got along very well.
"Let us out of here!" Ashley, Ryan & Quentin scream as they plaster themselves against all the little needles that outline their bodies.
Ryan really enjoyed the water table. Good thing they had jackets for them to put on so they wouldn't get all wet!

Ashley learns all about the body's muscles.

Ryan flies down the slide.

The pretend market was one of Ryan's favorite places to play. I now have more groceries than I know what to do

This was Ashley's favorite place. There were carpeted platforms set up in a maze that were suspended over the first story lobby. (Thank, God for nets!)

While Ashley had no problem being suspended over the first floor lobby, Ryan wasn't having it. He crawled in, saw how high up he was and was right back out of there!

Everyone had a good 'ol messy time in the painting area. (Ugh, how I hate paint and the mess it makes!) (Note how I am on the opposite and clean side of the glass!)

On a much cleaner note, the kids had a blast pretending to be doctors. And thanks to today, the mystery of what Ryan wants to be for Halloween is over. He wants his own lab coat (which I believe they do sell in kids sizes in the local uniform shops) so he can be a doctor.

Ashley may open her own restaurant some day.

After leaving the museum and touring Teri's old neighborhood, we headed over to Bob Evan's for dinner because Ryan had to have pancakes! Sorry Teri - this is the only photo in which everyone was looking at the

The food was great at Bob Evans, but the service was terrible. We were there for an hour and a half and Teri got tired of waiting for the waitress to clear the table. As you can see, Ashley and Quentin tried to stop her, but she wasn't to be deterred. LOL.

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Friday, September 29, 2006

The DownSide Of Fall

I realize it's been awhile since my last post, but I've been busy losing the never ending battle of flyswatting in my house. I guess that's what we get when we built next to a cornfield (a point in which my mother never fails to comment on). I'm sure there will be a post coming up with a picture or two of me and the kids standing on the couch in terror when those cornfields are cut down and the mice come scurrying our way.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Creepy Hauntings

I received an email today from a neighbor and it's a picture of a guy with a supposedly real ghost standing next to him in the woods. I've always thought the subject of ghosts and haunted cemeteries was interesting. Out of boredom (okay, and maybe curiosity) I did a google search on ghost sightings and the first one that popped up was a picture of a ghost in a cemetery that I, as a teenager, visited with friends on numerous occasions. (Sorry, Mom - but like you didn't, either!) It's said to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in Illinois. Freaky, is it not?

This is a picture of the entrance to Bachelor's Grove Cemetery in Midlothian, IL (the town where I grew up). I can't tell you how many times I've driven past this on the Midlothian Turnpike. A few times, back in highschool, some friends and I even worked up the courage to go back in there and explore.

Further on down the gravel road (which is very creepy at night, might I admit), you come up to the old, gated cemetery.

If you click on one of the links to the websites above, you'll find pictures under
the Ghost Research link of orbs, mists, anomolies and even humanoids, like the one below. It's said that a research team was able to take the picture of the ghost below, sitting on the headstone above.

The only thing I can claim to have seen was strange lights in the cemetery, but one of the major legends of this place is the old white victorian farm house with an orange glow coming from inside that appears. When you start walking towards it, it disapears. But if you actually make it up to the house, you're never to be seen again. Not sure where that story came from, and I've never seen it myself, but everyone who knows about the cemetery has heard about it. Many claim to have seen it.

If I did, you can bet I'd have hightailed it out of there quickly. I read that it's recently been cleaned up. I'd love to see it again, you know, for old time's sake. Anyone brave enough? LOL.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

So "Sweetish"

So Ashley comes home today and as we're reviewing what she has for homework tonight she tells me she has to make a poster about our heritage. She then tells me that she knows we're German, but everyone is doing that one so she wants to do something else. I tell her we are also Swedish and she writes it down. Later as I am making dinner I glance over at what she has written and it says "sweetish". Is that not adorably cute? I think Grandma Alice is up there in heaven smiling a proud smile right now since we get our "Sweetish" genes from her.
Ashley (when she was 5 months old) and Grandma Alice.

Our 5 generation picture on Christmas of 2001.

Not the best quality pictures (they're scanned), but it's all I've got.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Caught Midst A Confession

So I'm sitting on the floor in Ashley's room and Quentin is watching me play Super Mario. He says in awe, "Wow, you're on the last level!" I lean over to him while playing and proudly say, "Quentin, I've been in this room playing all day!" just as his mother walks in and busts a gut laughing. Busted. And then Mario got taken out by the dumb dagger throwing brothers. Maybe tomorrow I'll beat the game. I was sooo close!!!

Earning A Living

Ryan's new favorite thing to do ever since our camping trip is to pretend he's the camp office manager with the desk he insisted had to come back upstairs and into my living room! But think hard before you decide to stay at Camp Wetherill, because he charges $90 a ticket - and that's just his family rate. That's my little rip off artist. I am so proud.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Original Duck Hunter

Ryan discovered the Nintendo game, Duck Hunt, for the first time today. Ashley's been begging for us to dig out the old system and get it hooked up for her for awhile now. It was hilarious watching him play the game - with the gun right up against the TV screen. He thought he was awesome at this game and we weren't quite sure what word he was saying when he missed the ducks.

Check it out below:

And Super Mario Brothers. . . can you guess what's on my agenda for tomorrow while everyone is at work and school? Ha!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Birthdays Times Two

This afternoon we headed out and met the family at Ned Kelly's for Bret & Grandma Jerry's birthdays (and steaks and skillet cookies, too).
Ryan & I.

Bret & Ryan.

Sally, Ryan, Ashley & Grandma Jerry.

Ashley & Grammy.

Jo & Brooke.

Dick & I.

Mitchell & Grant.

Happy Birthday, Bret & Jerry!

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Grammy Must Be Here. . .

. . . because there is a home cooked meal on the table that doesn't involve a prepackaged box from the freezer. The kids are happy. We should let Grammy come cook for us more often.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


I called Bret at work today.

Me: "I'm bored. The house is all clean. The laundry is all caught up. Can I mow the lawn?"

Bret: "No!"


Bret: "Hang on. Let me go outside and calm down because you just said you wanted to mow the lawn!"

Lynda: "Why not?"

Bret: "Do you remember last time?"

Lynda: "Oh, yea. That's right."

I guess I'll just go watch Dr. Phil and Oprah instead.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"Can You Hear Me Now?"

This morning Ashley asked when she could have her own cell phone. Um, Ash? You're ten!!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My Favorite Thing About Fall

. . .aside from the changing leaves is curling up in my chair and napping by the warm and cozy fireplace on a cold day. Like today.


Happy Birthday, old man!

At least you can still say you're married to someone in their 20's!

Morning Walk

I took Daisy for a walk this morning after the kids got on the bus and Bret left for work. However, I'm not sure that she understands who is suppose to be walking who.

I then managed to lock myself and the dog out of the house. (Stupid key pad wouldn't work!) I then had to borrow Teri's car and drive over to my in-law's house to pick up a spare house key. This isn't the first time so one would think I'd get around to having a key for myself made, right? Wrong - it's been three years and I still haven't done it. Maybe in the next three years I'll get around to it. Better yet, I'll add it to Bret's "honey do" list.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Frustrated & Giving Up

While doing the crossword puzzle in my InTouch Weekly magazine, I was ashamed to find that I could answer all of the questions about Boy Bands (Wasn't every girl in Junior High into Boy Bands?) but was short four of the regular questions. Can anyone get these? I could cheat and check the answer page, but where is the fun in that, right?

1. U.S. soldiers ( G_ _ )

2. Make more lean (D _ _ AT)

3. The Bee Gees' "__ Talkin' " (J _V _ )

4. Letters on a military plane (U _ A _ )

Don't be shy. Leave your answers in the comments.

I'm Such An Instigator!

This is just a little video I took from our camping trip this past weekend. It was all my idea (no fault whatsoever to Quentin) and I'm still laughing about it as I rewatch it.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

My kids...

. . . because they're cute.

Living The White Trash Dream

(Please note that this post is not meant to offend anyone - it's just all in good fun!)
We survived Ryan's first camping experience and had a great time. He, Ashley and Daisy both were excited from the time we pulled into the camp site until the time we left to go home.
We got the kids some lotto tickets on the way there, and were disappointed that they didn't win us some money or at least a free ticket! (But it did keep them busy on the way there!)

We arrived at our camp site and began the "fun" task of setting up camp. I was told to go off with the kids while the big boys set up, so of course, who am I to argue?

(He probably could have used my help though, lol.)

So Teri and I took the kids on what Quentin swore was a hiking trail. I'm still not so sure. Eventually, in fear of getting lost (Or worse!!!), I turned us back around and we headed back to camp. A few snake holes and piles of animal droppings were enough to hold back any protests.

We did manage to make our own "Survivor Style Bathroom" in the woods behind our site. And yes, I did pee outside! You would have too if you had seen the condition of the outhouse. And besides, we were suppose to be roughing it, right? (Keep on reading...ha!)

The kids kept busy with the playground and their bikes and scooters. It was really nice because the campground was on a big cul-de-sac, so the kids were able to do laps.

Super cute Ryan.

And because we were, you know, um, roughing it, Scott set up a DVD player in the tent for the kids to watch before they went to bed so we could have some adult time around the camp fire.

Sleeping was pretty rough last night though. The wind was howling, the crickets and bull frogs wouldn't be quiet (no matter how loud we yelled at them) and Bret was talking in his sleep. I had to keep getting out of the tent to pee. Bret had a difficult time on his cot and the air mattress left Ryan and I pretty much sleeping on the ground.

This morning, Scott cooked us a 5 star breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon and sausage over the fire. . .

. . . however, Ryan prefered his donuts.

Daisy ate pretty well, too. (Busted - LOL)

While we packed up to go home, the kids made a few last minute laps around the site.

I'm glad to be home and clean again, but we'll have to do it again next year.

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

And We're Off...

What's up this weekend? Camping with Teri and her family.

Interesting things to look forward to? Ryan, since it's his first (nonbasement) camping experience and the possibility of West Nile Virus (which is why it's been so long since we've camped.)

Bets on when one of us has to bring Ryan home? I'm afraid to jinx it since it'll be me who has to bring him home.

Stay tuned...

Bret's Celebrity Look-alikes

As you can imagine, Bret is happy with his celebrity look-alikes. Unfortunately, I didn't realize I married Charles Manson. Pray for me.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Homecoming Parade

Tonight was the High School's Homecoming Parade. Ashley walked in it with her Girl Scout Troop and Ryan stood by on the curb and collected more candy than he does on Halloween.
Ryan watches while the fire trucks line up.
Teri and I were watching, too, but it wasn't the fire trucks we were watching! Ha!
Ashley walking with her friends/troop in the parade.

Now Teri, isn't the candy for the kids? LOL. Bret looks like he missed out.

Driving Miss Daisy - he says he was sitting back there to hang out with Ryan , but we know he really wanted to be closer to Ryan's bucket of candy!

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