Saturday, January 05, 2008


I'ts been more than a week since I've had those little tuggings to smoke and they hit me a few times while I was working on planning this school fundraiser today. In fact, I had to backtrack through my blog to see when the last time I was having a rough patch was. While this wasn't really a "rough patch", I was getting frustrated and having a hard time concentrating. In her comment to my earlier post, MamaFlo helped put into words what I was feeling. (Thank you, MamaFlo.) It's so great to have people who know what you're going through. People who can put your feelings into words for you (without realizing that's what they're doing) so that you understand. In turn you recognize more quickly what you need to do to get past it. I haven't forgotten about you, either Jamie. Thanks, again for the card and the support. You made my day.

So to get my mind off of the little tuggings earlier, I made coffee. Or, um, I tried to make coffee. Three times. I've got to get off this Starbucks Peppermint Mocha thing, because I've gained 8 pounds since the holidays and quitting smoking began. (Yep, so much for that lost 5 pounds in the beginning thing - I gained that back, plus 3 more.) So now, not only do I need to get serious about losing some weight, I also need to learn how to make a decent cup of coffee that doesn't taste like wet coffee grinds. (Gag.) Can someone please teach me how to make a cup of coffee?


maggie said...

You are doing just fine, Lynda. I hear you so very much on the weight gain. I never really had trouble staying the size I was, but I've gained about 10 - 15 pounds since quitting in June, and it's noticeable on my frame. We are both ready to start doing some healthier stuff while not completely giving up on the other in smaller doses (because I have never dieted and don't think I could stick to one). I still get tuggings, as I call them, this far in, but they do become more rare the further along we are - just seems like different timeframes for different people. As long as we just stay strong and don't smoke, we are stronger and that much more well on our way.

Coffee? I love coffee and have written plenty about it, too. There was this post and then lots more, but I suppose I never said how I make it (or, well, how I've gotten Tom to make it) so perfectly yummy every time. Maybe I can help?

lynda w said...

Thanks, Maggie. I ended up calling my Grandma and she told me to cut the amount of coffee grinds I was using in half. Then I found the yummy Pumpkin Spice creamer I've been looking for. Made my first decent up today and it was devine.