Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Tried

She wasn't expecting me when I came around the corner and caught her pretending with my purse.

And if she drops it and isn't touching it, then she's pretty sure she's not in trouble. LoL.

I actually made dinner last night. I was looking for some new ideas last night and found a Betty Crocker recipe and thought I'd give it a try. Bret and Ashley scoff at anything vegetable (and I knew not to even try with Ryan) so I figured they could just pick out the cheesy meatballs and be fine. When Bret came home, he requested that I just make a batch of meatballs in barbeque sauce for him. I was disappointed that he wouldn't even try it, but did as he asked anyway. We've had too many meals here where I've tried to make something new and they've not liked it because it had more than one ingrediant in it. (!!!!) So, like I said, I did as he asked. However, the only barbeque sauce we had on hand wasn't the sweet and tangy kind he was expecting. It was just plain ol' regular Open Pit and very strong and spicy. He forced it down, but admitted he liked the cheesey meatballs better. Ha.

The meal was pretty good (I love vegetables and cheese) but a little on the bland side. I also have yet to make a decent batch of minute rice. I know - who messes up minute rice?! Apparently, I do. It's just never as light and fluffy as it looks on the box.


maggie said...

That looks yummy, but I know Tom wouldn't go for it, either. For the most part I'm able to find new things he really likes, but some things I just to try on my own when he's having something else.

I could *never* cook rice properly until I lived in Japan where I had a really good rice cooker. When I moved back to the States, I wound up buying a more than $100 rice maker at the Japanese grocery place because the ones in most stores weren't the same. That was almost 10 years ago (sheesh, time flies). Now? Just last month for $30.00 at Target I saw the ones like I have (and like everyone in Japan had - now they probably have even nicer ones...), and they are programmable. If anything happens to mine, I'm thrilled that I can replace it so much more cheaply. Let me know if you want me to send you a link or pictures of the one I mean. It's absolutely fool-proof. Oh, and you can steam in it, too. Tom always hated broccoli, but he actually likes it if I steam it, so you never know what crazy thing could happen ;)

Teri said...

I can't say much about cooking. Had to laugh last night, Scott made a pizza, and his timer was the Smoke alarm!!! --FOR REAL!!!!!

Brandie said...

It looks good. My advice to you is to be brave and toss out the minute rice. Buy a rice cooker, even a cheapee ... they are so simple to use -- just put in rice and water and cook away. And the rice comes out perfect.

I bought one. Then I ditched the minute rice, and dinner has been better ever since ;-)

lynda w said...

Ha. I have a vegetable steamer that my mom gave me for my birthday last year. I think it cooks rice, too. Guess I'll have to dig out the instructions and toss out the minute rice.

Teri, I believe the smoke detector always goes off when my mom cooks, too! Ha.

Vicki said...

Yes my dear, your vegetable steamer is also a rice cooker. Get that instruction book out!