Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bigger IS Better

Or so we've heard. It was time to replace our family room TV, so we bit the bullet and did it up right. We got a great deal at Sam's Club on the TV, warranty (5 years!), wall mount and cables. The plan is to hang it over our fireplace and hide the wires behind the wall. I'm excited about all the new furniture arranging possibilities!
Bret's excited about getting his big plasma TV. He's been wanting one for quite some time, but didn't see the sense in replacing a perfectly good TV until it went out.

We were up until midnight last night just trying to mount the wall bracket and ran into problems putting the brackets on the back of the new TV. For some reason the screws are too long. Hmm. Bret's Dad is over here this morning to help out and there will hopefully be a TV hanging over the fireplace soon. It's suppose to be negative 4 degrees today, so they may not make it to the attic to get all the hidden wiring taken care of.

The kids are having fun with the box, which Ryan can barely see over when he's up on his tippy toes.

We may have a new time out spot.

I'll be back later with an update.


Jamie said...

I LOVE the color on your living room walls against that fabulous white trim on the fireplace. So fresh and crisp looking! It's exactly what I was trying to do in my condo, but failed miserably. Looks great!

lynda w said...

Thanks. Bret tells everyone that I painted the house purple, because I was actually going for colors with more brown in them - I, too failed miserably (lol) but I do love the way they ended up looking now. It's very warm and homey. I used three different colors, but the walls on both sides of the fireplace are the same middle shade, but because of the lighting you'd never probably guess that. Paint is just wierd.