Monday, January 07, 2008


I kept my word and dragged my butt to the gym this morning, even after both of my gym buddies had to back out. It was torture, but I got through it. I wasn't brave enough to endure Body Attack by myself (who was going to laugh with me if I made a complete idiot of myself?) but I did do two miles on the elliptical machine. I burned 247 calories. Not bad for the first day.

Chloe amazed me today. She hasn't done well being left in the daycare there in the past. More times than not they've had to come get me because she's crying and they can't console her. Because of this I've not pushed her to go, which results in not pushing myself to go, either. However, today she walked right in and didn't even notice when I left to go work out. She didn't cry at all, played with the other kids there and didn't want to leave when I came back to pick her up 30 minutes later. I am so proud of her! Hopefully tomorrow will go as well since I'm planning on going back to do Body Pump.

The kids went back to school today and were actually excited about it. Chloe and I are off to make a run to the Post Office and then I'm going to try and reclaim my house (and the remote control) while she naps.


Brandie said...

Wow! You did a lot of posting since I last logged in on Thurs, but I'm caught up now ;-)

Great job on the gym -- keep it up!

About the 21 day Chantix thing -- I never heard about it, but it makes sense. The last 3 days I forgot to take my second pill, so I'm going to ween myself off it over the two weeks (i.e., the remainder of my starter pack). So yeah, today is day #21, and I feel like I can continue on just as well without the Chantix as I could on it. I do think that many people take the Chantix for state of mind, "If I take this pill, I won't smoke..." but, truth be told, you quit already, and you've stayed quit this long. A pill can't do that for you. So, bottom line, when you're off the pill you'll do just as well, I'm sure of it!

Teri said...


Mz Diva said...

You go girl! Substituting positive for negative is always a good thing. After I get my teaching materials fully developed for this follow-up meeting, I will be in work out mode with you! Actually, the hotel that we are staying at and having meetings at has a great gym and a pool/jaquizzi. What I wouldn't give to sit in a jaquizzi right now!

lynda w said...

I'm hearing you right now on that jaquizzi. I'm not sure I could physically get in and out of it, though. Ha!