Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Must. Get. Warm.

Our power was only out for three hours this morning, but it has yet to warm up in here. The thermostat reads 69, but it lies! My toes are like ice and I'm just plain cold.
I had my appointment to get re-established with our old doctor from 3 years ago and was rather disappointed. I don't find him good looking anymore. Stop laughing - that's not what I was really going to say. While he's not quite so eye candyish anymore, that's not really the problem.
I was a bit put off by his not so great bedside manner. The kids and I loved him 3 years ago and were crushed when we had to change doctors. We thought he was great. But today he didn't seem very friendly. He seemed stressed out, unfriendly and kept asking me the same questions repeatedly. Isn't your doctor suppose to be smarter than you?! No, for the second time - I don't need any refills. And no, for the 3rd time - I'm not having any problems. (Or does he have me confused with a different patient with short term memory loss and chronic problems?) (Quiet now, Bret.) Anyway, I was disappointed.
I kept trying to talk to him about how I quit smoking and am taking Chantix and he couldn't keep the number of days I have been quit straight either. He also told me that I can only take it for 12 weeks. When I asked him about weening off of it, he said that usually people just stop taking it. Um, that's not what I've heard. Sigh. I was really hoping to stay on it for a bit longer than 3 months, but we'll see. It was my OB/GYN that actually prescribed it and I have my yearly appointment (sorry, TMI) in two weeks, so I'll bring it up with her instead.
So, is my new (actually old) doctor on drugs or maybe he was just not feeling well? He did seem a little congested. But, seriously? He wasn't even really laughing at my jokes and I'm funny. Really, I am.
Both Ashley and Ryan have their appointments with him tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll get a better impression then. Maybe it's just me he doesn't like. Humph. My little innocent crush is so over.


maggie said...

I have so little tolerance or patience for doctors that don't take my health seriously. While 12 weeks is the common prescription for Chantix, the Chantix website and the doctors of other Chantix bloggers say 12 to 24 weeks. Unless there is some other medical reason your doctor is sticking to the 12 weeks, perhaps he is missing something.

About tapering off Chantix, my doctor and the two pharmacists with whom I discussed were probably totally correct that it was not harmful but also not necessary for me to taper off as I did. Still, mentally it made me feel better since it seemed like a big step for someone who used to be a smoker and doesn't want to be even post-Chantix.

If you have the option, I'd get acquainted or re-acquainted with a different doctor that pays better attention, appears to be on the same page as you or explains better if there is some reason to do things differently, but no matter what, continue doing your own research as well. I got the eye roll from the jack ass that I have for a doctor for Googling my medical health, but for reasonable people who understand what sites are reputable and how to filter out junk, it makes a lot of sense.

It's your body. It matters. It should matter to your doctor. If I ever find a decent doctor on my health plan, I'll dance a jig. Until then, I, too, look forward to seeing the girl doctor only because she actually seems to care, even if I have to put my feet in stirrups as a trade-off.

Can you tell you touched a nerve?

Good luck!

lynda w said...

Um, can you go with me to my next appointment or anywhere else that requires me to have a back bone? You totally rule.

Brandie said...

Sorry about your luck. My doctor talked about staying on Chantix as long as 6 months. Hopefully your obgyn will be able to help you. But if not, you WILL be okay. And still, I'd taper off of it, like everyone else.

Mz Diva said...

I found a good doctor that I have had for quite a long time in the ER room of all places! He is really open and when I talk to him about staying on the Chantix a bit longer, I'll let you know what he thinks. I found some information on Dr. Howell's blog (its linked on my blog page) and I am going to e-mail it to my doctor since I am the first person he has prescribed Chantix for. I am like Maggie...if I do not like the doctor I have, I quickly fire them and get another one! I believe I need to be treated like a partner in my own health care and it took awhile to find a doctor who belived that. I have been with him ever since. I fired about five other doctors in rapid succession!Like I said, found this guy kind of on a fluke. Hope you find someone you can work well with.