Monday, January 21, 2008

Day 48

I have been a nonsmoker for 48 days. That's 6 weeks and 6 days. Tomorrow will be the 7 week mark. I've saved $196 since quitting. Double that amount with Bret quitting, too. It's amazing, really. We knew we were spending a fortune on it, but we chose not to think about it too deeply. I also know that both of us successfully quitting at the same time has contributed to our success.

Never before did I think that it could be this easy. Anyone out there wanting to quit only has to give Chantix a try. It's the miracle drug we've all been waiting for. Sure, there are days when I have a tugging that feels somewhat strong, but it only takes some redirection and I'm past it.

My message today at was to test myself. Their idea of testing myself is to put myself into a position where I am exposed to smoking in some way. While I'm pretty sure I could handle it, I've done that already. For Teri's birthday we went out to a bar where the smoke was so heavy that I found it offensive. When I got home, my clothes were in the washer and I was in the shower so fast that you would have missed it had you blinked.

So I'm going to test myself in a different way. I'm going into the deep abyss of Ryan's room to deal with the Lego situation. Ever since Christmas, his new Lego's have taken up residence in my living room. I'm going to dig my way through all of those Lego's in his room and make room for his new ones. Somehow I'll do it, but it will be no easy task!

See for yourselves... (My father in law will have a heart attack when he sees these, as he is the other Lego Collector in the family.)

So, this would be a project I've put off since well before Christmas. Mostly because of lack of time, put also because my patience level hasn't been that great, either. Today is the day it gets under control. Which means I'll be working on this all week. Wish me luck!


Tasina said...

Congrats on your 48 days!

"The Lego Situation" - LOL. We have that too. Funny.

Vicki said...

You are doing so great! Keep it up, Oh, and have fun with the Lego's. Sounds like it's time for Ryan to learn how to construct them if he's going to tear them down.

lynda w said...

That's the problem. He's trying to construct them by taking pieces from sets to make something. It's frustrating.

The Lego Situation is out of control!

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