Saturday, January 26, 2008

Crazy Busy

This week really flew by way to fast. I've been so busy planning this school carnival for Ryan's school that I feel like it's all I do anymore. (Do you see my house nodding it's head in agreement?)

Yesterday was the big Kick Off Assembly at school and it was a huge success. Sadly, I wasn't able to run it since I had two babies here yesterday and it was scheduled for right smack in the middle of nap time. I hear it was a huge success and that the kids are getting really excited about all of the new games and activities we've planned for this year.

Four weeks from today, this carnival will hopefully be a huge success. As long as we make $50 more than last year's profit, I'll be happy. More would prove that I really know what I'm doing, but I'll just settle for $50.

My mom is coming down to visit this weekend, so all things carnival are being put on hold for the weekend - or at least until the next time I open up my email and have a million emails to respond to.

Moving on, I called Ryan's principal yesterday morning regarding the situation with "the little punk" and don't really feel as if I made much progress. While she agrees this problem needs to be taken care of, I got the sense that she was questioning what Ryan is saying. She said that she had a hard time believing that the recess monitors wouldn't see this kind of behavior. Obviously she hasn't seen that the monitors stand around in a corner talking while the kids run around unsupervised.

She also said that she talked to "the little punk" yesterday morning and, of course, he denies everything. She said she was pulling him from recess, but that maybe Ryan had him confused with another kid. Ryan has pointed the kid out in his yearbook, so that is unlikely. Then when I asked Ryan if he was at recess, he said yes and that this kid pushed him down again. What in the world is the problem over there?!

Bret emailed the principal himself yesterday afternoon, but he hasn't gotten a response yet. He basically asked if there was anything he could do and informed them that he could rearrange his lunch hour to help supervise recess if need be. He pretty much said what I wanted to scream at her, but with a little more tact.

So, we wait again. However, starting next Monday I'll be at school daily in the morning to collect school carnival stuff and copying newsletters, so you can bet I'll be arriving there right as recess is starting.


maggie said...

I'd be too aggravated with the school to have any tact anymore. Hopefully Bret will get somewhere with them. Ugh. I hope this works out soon.

Mz Diva said...

Ok, I would be ready to rumble too, especaily if my kid had a $5,000 hearing aide to replace!
I am going to give you the "teacher" or "Counslor" side of stuff too. I have dealt with a lot of kids who have been bullied and met a few bullies. Most bullies I have met have been abused or came from some sort of abusive family. A lot of them are acting out. Hopefully, the school will follow whatever "No bullying/harassment" policy they have set up. If you do not see what you feel is the appropriate action, tell them your attorney will be contacting them to discuss the situation. That will usually force them to take action and start thinking about what "potential lawsuits" they may have to deal with. Schools are DEATHLY afraid of lawsuits, especially if the child in question being harassed has a disability. Good luck!