Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hiding Out

It seems that everytime I check my email these days, I end up sitting at the computer for an hour. My inbox has now turned into my "To Do" box. I've also got these lists following me everywhere I go. The sad part is that they just keep getting longer because they are on going things that need to be constantly followed up on for this carnival.

So I've decided to be super duper productive today. I closed my binder, set aside my written out to do list and put the lap top away for a bit. (I hear the confusion in your heads.)

I needed a break and Chloe was still napping, so I got to work recovering our kitchen chairs. It's been a project long past due. Proudly, both of my kids have come home from school and noticed them right away. Ten bucks says it takes my husband a lot longer. Ha.

If I had known how easy of a project this would be, I would have done it a long time go. I like the way the lighter color looks better, but it was just impossible to keep clean with how many kids go through my house in the course of a day. So here you have it - as good as new.

And then I looked out the window and noticed that I had failed to notice it had been snowing for some time now. I guess we're in for 4-6 inches tonight and tomorrow. Oh Joy!

It's funny the things that you don't notice anymore when you're not outside smoking all the time.


Tasina said...

The chair looks great! Kind of sleek and cool and modern. I cannot do anything like that - complete clutzo.

Jon & Emily said...

i am quite impressed by your martha-letic abilities!!! they look very nice.

Jon & Emily said...

BTW, next time you take a pic out your back door, turn just a little to the left so i can see my old house. :-(

Teri said...

They turned very nice!!!!!!!! Are you wanting to put some patches on a Girl Scout vest?? =-)

lynda w said...

Tasina - Don't look at them too closely. LoL.

Em - There hasn't been a path shoveled in the snow from my deck to yours yet this year! Can you believe that craziness?!?!?!?!? Please tell my sad soul that you're coming back soon!!!

Teri - My goal for today is to get our spare bedroom downstairs back in business so I can set up my sewing desk in there. Ever since we brought the spare dresser up to my mom, I'm ashamed to admit that the out of season clothes that were being stored in there are still sitting in heaps on the floor. So, yes - send the vest this way. I'll try not to take a month to do it. LoL. (I've had Libby's pants since December.)