Monday, January 21, 2008


I spent most of the afternoon dealing with The Lego Situation and feel like I made a good dent in it. I'll work more on it tomorrow while Chloe is napping and pray that I get closer to getting the overflow of Ryan's Lego's out of my living room.
While I worked, Ryan played. I'd hate to be on this flight. It looks as if the battle droid hijacked the plane. You can't see them, but there were 4 or 5 regular minifigs sitting in the seats while this droid guarded the cockpit. Quite an imagination my dear little boy has.

Bret and Scott worked all day today on the wiring for the new TV. (Thank you for letting us steal your husband this weekend, Teri.) They spent the first half of today at nine different stores trying to find all of the supplies needed to do the wiring. When they got back, they climbed up into the attic to check out where everything is at and found that it's going to be a lot harder than they thought to run the wires behind the wall. The wall where they need to put the outlet is an outside wall and is extremely hard to get to because of the fireplace and the way it's framed in.
They did get the electrical and cable outlets in behind the TV, but may have to rethink how they're going to get the rest of the wiring that goes to the cable box, DVD player and Wii, which are all sitting on top of one of our end tables next to the fireplace right now, done.

I did get to rearrange my furniture yesterday. (Anyone who knows me well, knows how excited this makes me.) I get bored quickly and end up doing this at least every couple of months. So now everything is angled around the fireplace/TV. The extra coffee table in front of the half wall that is holding Ryan's Lego's from Christmas will hopefully be put away soon.

Here's our dilemma, though. We may not be able to run the rest of the wiring behind the wall, which leaves us unsure as to what to do with the wires coming from the TV and the boxes sitting on the end table. We've thought of maybe putting a bookshelf or some kind of cabinet thingy there to put everything on and hide the wires behind, but I'm just not sure. I was really looking forward to having that wall open after 4 1/2 years of having a big black piece of furniture sitting there.

You guys were great the last time I needed help. Care to help again? I'd love to hear your suggestions! While you're at it - anyone need a messy, noisy love bird?


free from the chain said...

Tv looks terrific. Cool corner cabnet maybe? Keep up the good work at being smoke free. If dealing with that whole wire situation didn't make you smoke:)your doing great!

Jamie said...

ooh, i love those cathedral ceilings! i think the layout looks great!

Brandie said...

Is there any chance you could switch the placement of the end table and the lamp? Oh, and your house (from what I can see) is gorgeous. And the new tv looks great. My husband is over here drooling.

I back read all the posts I missed. I'm sorry I wasn't there to leave encouraging comments with you when you were waiting for the conference. And the schools just don't tell parents much, do they? I find it really annoying. Yesterday I found out the my oldest is being pulled into special groups for Math and social interactions -- and that it's been going on for a while?! I'm thrilled she's getting the help, but if they don't tell us, how can we work more closely with our children?

You are a wonderful mother and you're doing the best you can. There's only so much you can do. Throughout all this you're giving him love and encouragement, and that makes the biggest difference of all.

And congrats on staying smoke free!