Friday, February 01, 2008

How To Know You Can Expect A Snow Day

  • Your kids will wake up at the crack of dawn because they're excited to see if school will be cancelled, but on a regular school morning you have to drag their butts out of bed.
  • Your son was scared by all of the racket that the plows were making at 3am this morning and climbed into bed with you. So, you've been up since 3am, but you can't crawl back into bed because it's a snow day and your kids are home.
  • Your daughter will have stayed up late the night before trying to get her homework finished, only to have 3 days to get it done now.
  • Your son knows his spelling words as well as he knows his baseball card collection, and will now have to wait three days to take the test.
  • You have an important school newsletter that needs to go out, now it will have to wait until Monday.
  • You were going to go to the gym for the first time in two weeks since you did God know's what to your knee, now it seems you may never get back there.

These are just a few of the signs that made me pretty sure that we would actually get the 6-8 inches of snow that they were calling for over night. Since Bret works for the city, his work cell started going off at 6am this morning. He's been pulled off of his normal work load to supervise the plows. He's relieving the guys that have been out there since 7pm last night. At least he got a day shift, but it could be really late before we see him back here.

Chloe is staying home today with her mom so it's just me and my kiddos today. I think I'll go throw some soup mix in the crockpot and watch last night's episode of Lost while curled up under my big fluffy warm blanket.

(By the way, what is up with blogger and their awful formatting lately? My paragraphs are all over the place. It's making me want to scream!)


maggie said...

For at least a week we have been flirting with snow days. It's so aggravating watching all the closures for the folks above 500' while the valley dwellers get no joy. It must be pretty snowy because I know it takes more than a couple of inches for Peoria to shut things down. I do hope you enjoy it, even if you had me laughing about the silly timing of it all. Life is so like that ;)

Tasina said...

We missed that whole storm. It's dry as a bone here.

free from the chain said...

Haven't gotten any snow but an inch here. i remember when my kids were all in school started giggling at your list brought back memories. My oldest has kids of her own now. Watched Lost last night. I am sooooo glad it's back on. can somebody explain to me how to post your links

Jon & Emily said...

cute post and oh so true!

i missed you in step class last night. i didn't fall (this time), but i have NEVER been so lost in a class in all my life!!! she said it was "advanced", and she meant it!!! i would have rather fallen (again)!