Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Must Sit Down And Write Post

You'd think that with the school carnival being over, I'd have time to breathe. I've still been pretty busy tying up loose ends and trying to figure out our profit. I swear, you can tell people until you're blue in the face to get their reimbursement forms in on time, but there are always some that don't listen. So, I still don't know what our profit is yet. I keep trying to get numbers from our treasurer, but she's not done yet and it's frustrating. Until I get those numbers, I can't even come up with a rough estimate. So I wait.

Saturday night couldn't have run any smoother than it did. Everything went off without a hitch. Many parents and teachers have said that this year was more organized than ever and that the kids finally had enough to do to keep them busy. In the past, it's always been about making money through the Raffle and the kids ended up bored because they haven't had enough to do to last the whole night. This year we added all kinds of activities and games and it was a huge success. The kids had a blast and the parents were impressed. That's what matters.

As I mentioned in a previous post, my family and I did pretty well in the Raffle ourselves this year. We won the iPod Nano Video (that is now mine after finessing it out of my daughter's hands), a Picnic In The Park classroom basket filled with all kinds of fun stuff, a Cold Stone Creamery Gift Basket (which reminds me that I have to order Ashley's ice cream cake for tomorrow), ice skating passes, a small gift bag that included a $15 gift card to Anecdotes, a small gift shop here in Peoria, and a bunch of free kids meal at Chili's. My mother in law won a Remote Control Helicopter for the kids to play with at her house. I'd say we all made out pretty well.

While Bret and Ryan enjoyed the carnival, Ashley and her friend ran a booth all night. They worked their butts off. The only moment I got to sit down was to eat dinner with my family for about 15 minutes. I had Bret go through the line and get all of our dinners and met up with him and the kids at the table. My reasoning was that the carnival had me all night, but I was determined to eat dinner with my family. Once dinner was over, I did indeed run around all night, making sure everything ran smoothly and keeping the DJ on track. It was a lot of fun, but when I did finally get home and into bed, the wheels in my head were still spinning at a hundred miles per hour.

There have also been some new developments since all this started. A week before the carnival, our PTO President announced that she and her family are being transferred over seas to Australia for 3 years through her husband's job at Caterpillar. He leaves this weekend. She and the kids leave next month. It's going to be really sad when they go because she has done so much for the school this year. I'm now preparing to learn how to run the PTO for the remainder of the year in her shoes. Will someone please knock me in the side of the head to see if my common sense returns?

Throughout all of this, I've remained smoke free. Over the weekend I did have some really strong cravings to smoke. I got through them, but it wasn't fun. I've been trying to get back on the Chantix since my doctor's appointment, but I just can't remember to take it - or my other medicine. Life should start to calm down now this week, which might help, but I'm not sure what to do with the Chantix. I don't want to slip up, but I just can't remember to take the darn stuff. Without it, I do notice more cravings so it may be best to try and discipline myself into taking it.

Ok. I'm off to try and get my poor neglected house back in order. Everyone is about out of clean underwear here and I've been trying to get the bathrooms clean since last Wednesday.


MamaFlo said...

I'm so glad you found the time to post, not that I wanted to pester you but I really wanted to hear how you were with this whole Carnival over..............now I know, the Carnival wasn't enough for you, now you're the PTO President (standin), I have to admit I wasn't all that surprised and just a wee bit tickled to hear that news.
The journey to hell wasn't enough for you, you wanted to be the chief conductor to make regular runs there - hahahaha.
Seriously though, I think you will do just fine and probably want the job for next year - good luck with Running for President!

Kids are always happinest when they are kept busy, and your daughter and her friend probably had a good time even if they did work their hind ends off (and will probably never admit it to you).

As for the urges to smoke...........are you going to have "side effects" from the Chantix again? I needed Chantix for 4 months even if in the last month I was weening myself off it. That last transition month made a difference (for me at least). As for remembering to take the Chantix - do you do anything else everyday, like brushing your teeth, drinking a cup of coffee, whatever? Put your Chantix right there so you can't miss it, post a sign up in a few places around the house as reminders to take your Chantix.
I'm glad your willpower was strong enough to keep you from lighting up this weekend, that probably means that you will be successful in the long haul. With all you've done the last 2 months for this Carnival and you haven't smoked and then the event itself..............you're going to beat this!!!!!

You are a bright spot amongst our quitting buddies, Congratulations Lynda!!!!!!

lynda w said...

LoL. They've tried talking me into running for President next year. No way! Instead I'm running for Vice President since that is who is suppose to run Rock The House.

I don't think I'll actually be considered the PTO President once she moves. I'll just be running the meetings as the unofficial Vice President. My co-chair is the actual VP, but didn't want to do it. It's a bit confusing.

lynda w said...

Also, the problem with not remembering to take the Chantix is because I'll take my other meds right when I get up in the morning but will wait on the Chantix until I eat so I don't feel too sick. It's 11am and I still haven't taken it today. Ugh.

maggie said...

I'm just now catching up, but I'm so glad to hear that it was such a success! Sounds like you really worked so hard, and it's awesome to see it pay off, even if it means that you get volunteered to help out when the PTO president leaves... yikes!

Believe me, this was a pretty tough weekend here, and smoking crossed my mind, but really, it was not nearly as bad as it could be. It seems like the more of those really tough times without giving in, the stronger I feel for the next time they crop up. Whatever you decide to do about the Chantix or not, just hanging tough will really pay off further down the road. I was almost surprised how much easier it was to fend of the tuggings/whispers.

Tasina said...

Do you have a cell phone? On my cell I can program 3 different alarm clocks. Maybe you could set an alarm on your phone for after lunch and after dinner (or whatever) to remind you to take the pills. You'd have to immediately go do it or you'd forget again, but it might help a little.

lynda w said...

That's a really good idea. I always have my cell phone around. Thanks!

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