Saturday, February 16, 2008

Back From The Brink

(I have no idea what is up with Blogger and their line spacing problem these days!)
I'm back. Did anyone miss me? Does anyone still come here? It feels like forever since I've posted.
I'm still not smoking. How, through out all of this stress I've been under the past week or two, I've managed not to smoke is beyond me but I'm still going strong at 10 weeks and 3 days. I had an appointment for my annual physical on Friday with the doctor that prescribed my Chantix. She was proud of me, which in turn made me proud of myself. I told her that I've been weening off of the Chantix and even then am still not remembering to take it. She told me that she recommends patients to take the Chantix for 2-4 months longer than the recommended 12 weeks to keep them on track and to keep them quit. I've got a prescription to extend it, but am not sure what I should do. I do still get the tuggings, and while I get through those tuggings just fine, I am wondering if I should stay on the Chantix. The only reason I had stopped taking it was because I couldn't remember to take it routinely, so the nausea had been a real problem. We'll see.
In less than a week, the school carnival will be here. Friday the craziness will truely start and by Saturday evening it'll be all over with. I pray that it's a big success. As long as it makes as much money as it's made in the past and the kids have a great time, I'll be able to sleep at night again.
Below is our baby. My co-chair's husband made this Plinko board for the carnival. The kids have all complained that there weren't enough games in the past, so we've loaded them up with lots of choices, but this here below is our baby. I've put many, many coats of paint on it and am ready to add the letters and numbers to it now. (My house looks like a mini carnival with a Plinko board in the living room and a bozo type bucket game in the hallway.)

Along with planning the school carnival, Ashley has thrown a birthday sleepover party in the mix for the following weekend. She decided that she wanted Dance Dance Revolution for the game system downstairs to use during her party, so my mom and brother went in on it for her birthday. Bret has it playing through his stereo system and she's been practicing all day. I tried it - it wasn't pretty. LoL. But with that and Karaoke, I think she'll be set for her party now.

Ryan's Blue & Gold Banquet for Cub Scouts was tonight. His Den made a dragon costume to go with the whole theme they had going on. It was way to cute to see them trying to keep up with each other while they walked around the room.

Ryan earned his Tiger patch and 5 belt loops. (Guess I have to go buy the belt now.)

As soon as the banquet was over, we headed over to catch the rest of our Niece's birthday party.

Where they had trick candles. I love those things.

It's been a long day and I'm ready for bed. Last night we had friends over for dinner and drinks and I'm really dragging now. I'll try not to be such a stranger, but it may be difficult until after next weekend.


Anonymous said...

You are doing great, and as you know your mom has never been a smoker, but since the doctor says she likes patients to take Chantix a little longer I think I'd keep doing what you're doing (not taking the full dose) at least until after the Carnival. You have enough stress on you this coming week without chancing no meds with the stress you are under. I know though that you will stay a non smoker an am very proud of you for it!

Ashley looks cute on the Dance Dance Revoltion mat. I'm sure she will be a pro in no time.

Rynan looked like he had fun at his banquet.

MamaFlo said...

Wow, you had more than the Carnival planning going on!! Eat it all up Lynda because your children will grow up and leave home sooner than you realize and you will often wish for the crazy times like this to revisit your life.
I've seen that crazy spacing issue too - guess there will be hiccups as Blogger continues to improve their service and offer us more.
Keep your chin help high as the Carnival approaches, I'm certain all your hard work will pay huge dividends!!
As for the Chantix, what are you down to in weening off it? It's been almost a month since I quit (I also weened) entirely but I still have it around (along with another refill) and what I have currently sitting around is cut in half - if I have a really bad day or I head into a situation where I think there may be some tuggings, I wouldn't hestitate to take a dose or two or three - I'd do most anything necessary to stay away from smoking again. Follow your doctor's advice and continue (cut what you have in half and take a half dose a day after you eat something). Do whatever it takes to stay away from smoking a cigarette, you are worth it!
I'm praying for your successes!!

Jamie said...

OMG PLINKO! I cannot tell you how many times I tried to fake illness so that I could stay home from school and watch "The Price is Right." At least 100 times, no joke. Ask my RN mother, who busted me out every single time I tried to attempt a fake fever.

I am so jealous that you have a plinko board in your house, like you LIVE WITH IT. I would be up at 3 am every night playing. Seriously.

Tasina said...

My goodness. Reading your blog makes me feel like I am just not doing enough with my time!! ;)

You're doing so great with the quit - way to go!!!

maggie said...

You are just awesome, Lynda! I'd stay in contact with your doctor whatever you decide with the Chantix. Ultimately, it's your decision to make. For me, 12 weeks plus tapering was just perfect. For others, longer was necessary. Do what you think is best for you, with your doctor's input, of course.

free from the chain said...

ok I am tired just reading this. Do whatever you feel is comfortable. I stoped the chantix at about 10 weeks because i would forget to take it. I figured if i wasn't taking it the way I was supposed to it could cause more harm than good. I have tuggings and it has been 3 months for me but they go away. I have talked to people that have been quit for 20 years and they STILL have tuggings. Fight the fight how ever you do it!

Brandie said...

Ack! Once again I'm playing the catch-up game. For the Chantix, do what feels right to you. I left it at 3 weeks, which was the point where I was forgetting to take them. I would say save yourself some money and get off it. You're obviously doing fine, and at this point it is willpower keeping you off the cigs.

As far as the carnival goes, I really admire you. I can't do those things -- I get too hectic, I already have a full plate, etc. But you have all those excuses yet you take it anyway and exceed expections. Hats off to you.

DDR: I LOVE DDR! It's the best game ever. I had two of those little plastic mats and I wore them out! I had to go in and buy the heavy-duty mats. If I were in the area, I would play DDR with them! I used to live in Galesburg, which isn't too far from Peoria ... but I'm a lot further away now.

Jon & Emily said...

We just got back from Vegas and live episodes of The Price is Right were being taped in our hotel. We didn't get tickets, but who knows...maybe I would have won BIG on Plinko! Now I'm coming to your house to play!!! What is the grand prize? A free Mic Ultra?

Anonymous said...

Ah, Vegas! Nice and warm there! Lynda, time for an update. What are you doing with all your spare time, LOL?