Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I Voted Today

Did you?

I changed my mind three times while standing there, but I do know which two candidates that I don't want to win.
I don't consider myself to be a very political person, but this morning my vote was based on what the candidates stand for, since the candidate that I wanted to vote for is no longer in the race.
Don't just sit there, go vote now.


maggie said...

This was one of few mornings I wished I lived in Illinois, just so I could vote. Look for me May 20th because Oregon is like that... Meanwhile, today I'm biting my tongue, sitting on my hands and more interested than ever to see this round of results.

free from the chain said...

I don't get to vote yet. Good job! Happy 2 month anniversary and watch that potty mouth. I am guilty also D***it


Tasina said...

This is so terrible of a political science major but I don't think I'll be voting this year. I don't really like any of the candidates from either party. I think it will be a loser outcome no matter what. I'm normally not this pessimistic, but this election has just left me cold.