Saturday, February 09, 2008

Coming Off Of The Chantix

It's time folks. I can no longer take the nausea and the moodiness. I have 11 days worth of Chantix left. Over the past couple of weeks, I've forgotten to take it more times than I can count. When I have taken it, my system isn't use to it since there hasn't been a constant level of it inside of me, and I'm overcome with nausea within 5 minutes. So, I've taken my last 1 mg dose of Chantix tonight. I've cut a week's worth in half and added them to other stuff I take daily. (Yes, I should really be 30 years older than I am.) I am now going to try and remember to take a half of pill twice a day for the next week and then just one half a day until they are gone.

I went back and forth with the idea of just not taking them anymore, but am a bit nervous that the tuggings will get stronger or more frequent as the Chantix leaves my system. I also worry that as spring approaches and I'm outside with the kids a lot again, it may be harder to stay quit. That was one of my major triggers. Being outside.

However, I really think at this point that is up to me to continue to stay strong. I'm proud of myself and have no intention of ever starting back up again. None of my friends smoke, my husband is still quit and you can no longer smoke in public places here in Illinois. So, this time is for good.

My neighbors will probably thank us when spring comes and they aren't smelling the smoke that drifts their way with the warm breeze.


MamaFlo said...

Lynda, I don't think you'll return to smoking either. If the Chantix is giving you so much grief then I would do what you are doing too. I was lucky in only having minimal side effects periodically during the first month or so and then no problems. I cut down simply because I don't like taking medications.
The experts says that you are no longer addicted to nictotine after 12 days without cigarettes and that all that's left is the psychological effects fo the habit.
If you find you still experience issues taking any amount of the Chantix, I would stop it completely.

You can face tomorrow and every day after that without smoking - you don't need the Chantix anymore!
You're our friend now so don't stop coming online to visit with us (we would miss you).

maggie said...

Way to go, Lynda! You've probably read how I similarly tapered off Chantix, and I barely noticed it doing it so gradually. Once it was completely out of my system about 5 days after the last dose, I did notice an increase in frequency of "tuggings," but they were no stronger, really. It wasn't long before even that settled back to normal. I agree being outside will be a little different getting used to now - today was unseasonably sunny and warm, and the thought absolutely crossed my mind, but I'm committed to staying put and not wanting to ever have to go through the quit thing again. Even though Chantix made it easier, it still wasn't what I would call fun or completely easy. Staying quit seems to be the easier path. I look forward to hearing how getting off the Chantix goes for you. Fingers crossed it's as easy for you as it was for me.

Tasina said...

Wow good luck. I had no clear plan when I quit taking it. I had just had my accident and was taking so many other pills that I just quit the Chantix. I really didn't notice any increase in tuggings, but that could be because I was writhing in pain with my ripped up knee. I don't recommend this as a course of action.

maggie said...

On the recipe thing, almost any somewhat tender meat will work. We used something like round sirloin tip steak (on the cheaper end), and it worked fine. I also didn't make the dill relish thing. I can't wait to hear how you like it! Oh, and the link to the recipe changed, just now, so I updated it on my blog - what are the odds of that?

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