Thursday, February 21, 2008

Margarita, Anyone?

Well, well, well. Would you look what I found while cleaning my kitchen this afternoon. I forgot I had this baby. Does this stuff expire? LoL.

I am READY for this carnival to be here. As of today, we've made a profit of at least $9000.00 and the carnival isn't even for two more days yet. And that's just an estimate from Raffle and Dinner Ticket Sales sold so far.

Ok, back to cleaning my house. I have got to get it done so I can get back to it!
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MamaFlo said...

You conveniently didn't tell us if you were cracking that Margarita mix open Lynda..............and were you going to share?
The Carnival sounds like a huge success already, I pray the weather holds out for a successful day!
Waddle in this accomplishment, you deserve it!!!

maggie said...

Oh, my. After the kind of long ass week so many of us are having so far, it's so kind of you to offer :) I'll have two, please. Glad to hear the whole Carniv-hell is almost a happy and wonderful memory of good work that paid off nicely. Almost there!

Brandie said...

You deserve this Friday more than anyone else! Aren't you relieved it's finally here? Best of luck tomorrow, and please get us some pics! I wanna see your plinko board in action :-)