Wednesday, February 06, 2008

$1.75, But It's Not My Fault!

Ok, it is my fault. I agreed to pay myself a quarter every time I say a bad word, but at the time I didn't know that I would soon be dealing with the effects of winter and my own stupidity. *Sigh* My minivan is sitting in the middle of a parking lot right now, waiting to be towed to the car dealer.

At 10am this morning, the snow started coming down and I thought I could get up to school in time to collect the dinner ticket money before it got really bad outside. I loaded Chloe into the van and away we went - until I wrecked the van going a wimpy 20 miles an hour. Just kidding - I didn't "wreck" it, but I slid making a turn and we nailed a curb. The wheel and rim were dented, but it seemed fine, so I continued on to school.

Ten minutes later, I was leaving school and noticed that alignment was way off and there was a rubbing (I'd say grinding - but it wasn't that loud) noise coming from that area of the car. I pulled over into a parking lot and called my husband. (I am so in the dog house right now!) Remembering that the warranty included road side assistance, I called GM and put in a request for help. I probably could have driven on it, but with my luck the wheel would have fallen off and we'd be *#$@ a creek. Or in a ditch.

So, I'm sitting in a parking lot with an 18 month old in the car who is crying and unhappy while I'm trying to figure all of this out. I have no car seat to transfer over to another car because she is in the car's child integrated seat, so requesting a loaner is not an option. (We don't have coverage for that anyway.) I have no diaper bag - because I'm an idiot - so all I have to bribe her with is my iPod. This makes her happy for awhile and we sit and wait for my friend, Teri, to grab a car seat and diaper bag from my house and pick our butts up. The tow truck wait is 3 hours and I am so not sitting there for that long with a toddler who hasn't had lunch or a nap yet.

We're home now and I'm really wishing that school would dismiss early because it's getting considerably worse outside. I should receive a phone call when the tow truck gets there. Hopefully the van will still be there since I had to leave a key inside. I'm really not looking forward to getting the bill for this.


maggie said...

OMG. Shit. Piss. F-Bomb. Hell. Damn. Now I owe you $0.25, so that should help offset what you put into the cuss fund and maybe even some of the other money from the day's antics. I had no idea there was such a cool thing like the integrated child seats, which would rock, except in that kind of situation.

Stay safe. I know my family is doing a lot of running around in the snow up in Chicagoland (south subs, north subs, downtown, all over...) to hospitals and whatnot in advance of my dad's pending surgery, and it makes me nervous. Very nervous. Be careful!

lynda w said...

LOL! Thanks, Maggie. I needed that laugh.

Tasina said...

Egads - zoinks - good gracious - my word - yikes. (That Maggie is so uncouth!;)

Hope everyone is home safe and sound now.

Vicki said...

Just remember, with all the ice and snowy roads you have to remember the important things. You and Chloe are safe. It could have been so much worse with those deep diches off the side of the road you live by. A car can be fixed. That is why we carry insurance. It will be ok.

lynda w said...

We're all safe and warm here at home. Still haven't heard a word about my poor minivan.

lynda w said...
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Teri said...

I'm glad I was here to get you. Although, next time lets remember to go through the drive-thru.. =-)

MamaFlo said...

Lynda, I'm glad you and your daughter are safe and sound, sorry about the vehicle but it's just a thing, not a somebody.
I laughed aloud when I read Maggie's reply too - funny woman!!!
Here's an ahhhh shit from me too :).