Wednesday, February 27, 2008

She's Growing Up

Ashley's 12th Birthday is today and we had Bret's side of the family over for Pizza and Ice Cream Cake. She didn't know that we had a huge surprise in store for her.
She opened her presents, unsuspecting that her biggest wish was soon going to become true.
She's been wanting a tote for school badly since her backpack broke. I found this really cute one at Aeropostale for my Grandma to give her.

Bret's parents bought her a much needed new bike. Her legs must be longer than mine already, because it was quite hilarious seeing me try to swing my leg over the seat.

Ryan got his traditional "Pity Gift". We were going to buy him this movie anyway since it got deleted off of the DVR. It's his all time favorite movie. Uncle Grant may have had a little too much cake.

Mitchell was quite the little helper opening up Ashley's gifts.

So now we come to the unsuspecting big moment. Ashley thought she was done opening her gifts and was cleaning up all of the wrapping paper when Bret told her to go look in the drawer in the front hallway. Inside the drawer was a note that told her to ask everyone to be quiet. As everyone quietly listened, the faint strains of Happy Birthday started to play from her new cell phone that was wrapped and hidden in the breakfront cabinet. (Tip: If you want to be able to hear the phone ringing, don't wrap it and hide it in a cabinet. It will confuse the heck out of the birthday girl.)
She did find it - and I've never seen her look more excited before than at this moment...

Lucky for us, her best friend also has a Verizon cell phone, so they can talk for free until the battery goes dead on them.

One happy almost teenager.

We're pretty laid back here. Cake in the living room? Sure, why not.

She got all 12 on the first try.

Ok, we're not THAT relaxed around here. In the kitchen, messy ones.

Yes, you're all still pretty cute.

Happy Birthday, Ash!

(This weekend I'll be questioning my sanity when I have 8 girls overnight for Ashley's sleepover party with her friends.)


MamaFlo said...

Looks like great fun.
Sounds like normal is slowly but surely returning to your life.

maggie said...

Oh my gosh, how much fun! I love that you have your family all around to enjoy stuff like this. Your kids will always remember that. I love the way you built up the suspense just telling the story - it was almost like being there. I'm sure Ashley was just thrilled. Smart move on the same network thing. I don't know what I'd do if some of the people in my life changed networks because I rely heavily on the unlimited free minutes. Glad you all had so much fun!

Vicki said...

Happy Birthday Ashley! I'm sorry Grammy couldn't be there for your big surprise. Unfortunatly, I have AT&T so will have to limit my calls to you on the weekend when your calls are free.
Love, Grammy (way up here in Chicago)

Tasina said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Love the look on her face with that phone.

MamaFlo said...

Lynda, I wanna talk about the post that went away - hahahhahahaaa - my gosh you sounded human!
People are like that (ya they are).
I hope your Friday improves, don't let this other person affect your day or being, all things pass.

lynda w said...

Thanks, Mamaflo. I probably shouldn't have even posted about it. It's just petty and I'm not going to stoop to that level. :-) We'll call it a momentary loss of control. Ha.