Sunday, February 10, 2008

Smooth Move

Last May, at the end of the school year, the school PTO sponsored a Teacher Appreciation Week. Each day the students brought in a gift for their teacher, based on the day's theme. One of those theme's were fruit. Instead of bringing them an apple or an orange like everyone else, I got the teacher's ingrediants to make yummy smoothies.

I just found an extra packet in my pantry and thought a chocolate banana smoothie sounded really good. I made it. It tasted great. Ten minutes later I was in the bathroom. (I know - TMI) My tummy is still not doing well.

The real kicker? I've already got dinner simmering on the stove....a big ol pot of chile. I don't know how my tummy will be able to handle that later.

I wonder, now - nine months later - if I inadvertantly gave my kids' teachers banana smoothie poisoning.


MamaFlo said...

Could be!
I wouldn't ask about it cause they might not remember who it came from.......
Sorry your tummy is icky but thanks for the chuckle.

lynda w said...

Ha! My son has the same teacher this year. Do I dare give her a smoothie this year? LoL

Mz Diva said...

As a teacher, I think the smoothie idea is great! Instead of making the smoothie I say go to Jamba Juice and buy a gift card! Let the teacher purchase a smoothie that will not upset thier stomach or had an ingredient that disagrees with them! I like bananda's but HATE them in smoothies! I am also lactose intolerant so milk is not my friend.(Probably TMI but what the hell...) Give me lots of berries, especially blueberry for the brain!
PS: Your TMI did make me laugh!

Tasina said...

LOL. I'm not trying to laugh at your misery, but that last sentence just cracked me up.