Saturday, February 09, 2008

Event Of The Year

I must have lost my mind, or may have just chosen to forget how bad it was the last time we attempted this.

Ashley is having a Birthday Sleepover Party the last weekend of the month. We gave in and did this two years ago with 13 girls and were still feeling the pain and lack of sleep from it last year (hence no party last year) but are giving in and doing it this year. I put my foot down and said 4, maybe 5 girls total. We're now at 8. Bret and Ryan are going to be out staying with Bret's Grandma that night while his parents go out. That leaves me alone here with EIGHT 12 year old girls. What was I thinking?! Maybe I can con a friend or my mom into being here that night.

Last night, Ashley and her friend, Danielle were filling out the party invitations. When it came to the date, they wrote down Feb 29-30. On all of the invitations. That would be my straight A child there, too. Do you get it? If not, ask someone else, because I'm still too busy laughing about it.

Now I'll be planning a sleepover party on top of a school carnival. It's no wonder why I'm so sick this week. I haven't told Ashley this yet, but my goal is to decorate downstairs, where all of the girls will be, with blown up pictures of all of funny pictures of Ashley from birth to present. If they get to have all of the fun that night, I can at least have some fun planning it.

Maybe I'll get to her Birthday DVD slideshow this year.


Vicki said...

Hey, remember when you had that last sleepover when you were young and what did I say? That's right....NEVER AGAIN! I guess that means mom won't be helping you that night, LOL.

Mz Diva said...

Oh Lynda
I think the whole thing sounds great! If we were your neighbor, I would come kick it with you and the girls...hell, I would even be the DJ! What kind of music is Ashley into anyway? Maybe you could show the DVD/Pics with some of her favorite songs. Remember, she is only going to want to have sleep overs with the girls for a short time and then she will be boy crazy! Enjoy it while it lasts!

Brandie said...

Wow, you've had one heck of a week while I've been AWOL. First of all, I'm sorry you feel so crappy! Just be thankful that you're not forcing yourself outside in the bitter cold to puff poisen into your already inflammed lungs. I hope you heal up quickly and get back to being your normal self.

I can't belive a run-in with a curb is costing you more than $1000!!! Geesh, I should owe tens of thousands of dollars by now. Okay, not that much, but I'd be deserving of at least $2000 in repairs by now.

Ah, sleepovers! Just think, two years ago it was a house full of 10 year old girls. This time they are 12, so perhaps it won't be as bad as you remember. Best of luck with that! And I loved the Feb. 29-30 invitations.

maggie said...

Feb 30th. Love it! You are a crazy and brave woman with lucky kids!

lynda w said...

Mom - I'll have Ashley call and ask you herself! LoL. Remember my big sleep over party in Junior High when I came up and asked you to tell us to go to bed because I was tired and wanted to go to sleep? Ha! These girls don't do that!

Diva - She's into all kinds of stuff. Pretty much what all of the kids at school are listening to. Solja Boy, which Bret has banned from being played in our house, Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, High School Musical, Fergie - pretty much a wide range of everything. For the last sleep over party she had, we bought her a karaoke machine for her birthday (and did a mock American Idol competition), so I'm sure that will be making it's way out again this year.

Maggie - I'm either brave or stupid. Jury's still out. :-)

Brandie - We need to get you over here to do some DDR with them! I've tried to get her into that (for my own selfish reasons and she's never been into it.)