Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Stop The Clock

I just need a few more hours in each day. Can someone make that happen for me? Between taking care of the catering order, redecorating ticket cans, painting Plinko boards, drinking Margaritas at TGI Friday's (yum), carting kids to and from volleyball and tutoring, collecting dinner ticket orders daily, keeping tabs on 20-some committees.... I'm ready for this thing to be here already.

Today was the final day for raffle and ticket sales. I spent most of the school day going through and filling orders and am happy to say that our dinner ticket orders have officially exceeded last year's total. Adding the gondola option along with the original Spaghetti dinner that we have catered in paid off. Our raffle - which is our major money maker - is only $600 away from last year's total. And the carnival isn't even hear yet. I think I may have pulled this off after all.

The kids are excited, which is the best part about the whole thing. All day today, as we worked through 3 lunch periods, we had kids coming up to us and asking us who the top winners were. It was great to see them so into it. My son doesn't know this, but he is one of the top two sellers in his classroom. His classroom also sold the most tickets. (Don't look at me - another kid in his class sold over 800 tickets and we weren't even really trying.) The funny part is that they win a pizza party and my son doesn't even like pizza. Ha! He'll be really surprised and excited on Friday when he finds out he won. Maybe I'll bring him a Happy Meal the day of the party instead.

*Sigh* In 2 more days it'll be here. (Friday pretty much means it's here because that's when we start getting the school ready for Saturday night.) The most relaxing 25 minutes I've had all week were when I sat in my van drinking a White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks while I waited for my son during his tutoring session. Chloe snacked on graham crackers and juice and I sipped away in a relaxed haze. And then it was over before it began and it hasn't slowed down again since.

Two more days.... And you bet I'm taking pictures that night to share!


maggie said...

Crazy. Busy. Nutty. You are all go, go, go, but I do hope the results of all your hard work are even more fun than you expect! I am curious about the hard work involved in the Margaritas thing, though, because I think I could help you with that part if I was still in the state ;) Hang in there, and do post pictures!

Vicki said...

I think you really like this craziness! You are one of the most motivated people I know. And you thought I was crazy how I eat my Mcd's breakfast in my car and read my paper. It's so relaxing! No one to bother me. Well, that is unless the cellphone rings, lol. You're doing a great job! I know Rock The House will be a great success!

Tasina said...

Just reading about your life is making me tired. You really do a lot. Building memories every rock.

MamaFlo said...

Everyone sounds included - LOL!!!
While you're running around like a chicken with your head cut off, have another Margarita, naw, have 2!!!!

I wish we were all there to share in what I'm certain will be a giant success!
Find a way to enjoy the Carnival on Saturday - you've earned that!