Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend Update

Was it just me or did this weekend seem to go by way too fast? Or maybe we were just really busy.
Ryan had a cosmic bowling birthday party to go to on Saturday. He had a blast and did really well. (Thank you for bumpers!)

Immediately after the bowling party, we made our way through the quickly accumulating snow to our nephew, Mitchell's birthday party. Little Man is now 3 and we have started a whole new something with our present to him. He kept referring to the dinosaur we got him that it was his new pet dino. Pretty cute, isn't he?

At some point during the weekend, we found our way outside to play in the snow. The temperature here has dropped to the 20's and it's way too cold!

After proving to her that she could indeed clean her room just as well as I can, I ran out and found her a little Christmas tree for her room. She's been begging for one since Grandma told her she had some extra little ornaments that she could have. She was very proud and excited.

And today I am 13 days as a nonsmoker, but fighting a horrible cold that has now decided to settle into my chest. I should really go to the doctor, but who actually has time for that? I thought that when you quit smoking, you're suppose to be able to breathe easier and taste and smell things better. Apparently my body didn't get that memo, because it can't do any of those things right now.

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Mz Diva said...

Linda, I hope you feel better! I got sick after smoking and have been blogging about it since. I was also expecting to feel better, not worse after quitting. I am going back to the doctor today because I have been really sick since November 27th. I hope your cold goes away soon. The bowling party looked fun.