Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I have most definately hit a blogging lull here. Not much has been going on these days so I'm forced to blog about quitting smoking and strangers following my kids around. The blogging about quitting smoking part actually helps me unload and deal with the whole quitting process so you may have to get use to that. Nothing new on the ski mask stranger part so hopefully that's passed, although I've been standing on the driveway now when my kids get on and off the buses now. We're still a little shaken up about that.

I have decided that I really need someone to come and clean my house for me from now on. Any takers? Aside from basic tidying up, I hadn't attempted to scrub my house down until today. I knew it would be the biggest test for me because in the past I've always taken smoke breaks while cleaning. With Chloe napping this afternoon, I pulled out the dust rag and vacuum cleaner and got to work on the kitchen and livingroom. When I was done, I wanted to go outside so badly that I sat on the couch and had a good cry and then took a short nap. So as you can all see, I'm obviously really in need of a new mid cleaning break strategy. And some dignity since I just told the whole internet that I cried over a missed smoke break. There you have it.

Tomorrow night is the big girls night out Christmas party. I'll be bringing my camera with since I'll be the sober, nonsmoker there. Consider that fair warning, my friends. LoL.

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maggie said...

Glad you are keeping your eye on creepy stranger danger, and I think the idea that you cried and took a nap instead of smoking actually shows that you are tough and making it happen. Yay, you!