Monday, December 10, 2007

It's Getting All Exciting Over Here

Update: Nothing like getting us a little overly excited to wake up to rain! Where's this big storm that's suppose to bring me a day of relaxation? Well?
Whoo hoo! An Ice Storm Warning is in effect for Peoria County through tomorrow evening. I just can't stand the excitement. We're talking big time ice here, folks and a day or two spent lounging in my pajamas in front of the fire place with a good book and a hot cup of hot chocolate.
But just a little note to mother nature - I may be tired of the ice thing after this one. You might want to start working on the snow aspect of things.
And we can't forget... it's will be 7 days as a non smoker as of 10:30pm tonight. Happy One Week Anniversary to me!


Vicki said...

Boo ice storm....yeah....7 days as a non smoker! Hey, maybe they'll close the clinic tomorrow? Nah! I can't be that lucky.

maggie said...

An icy kind of snow day sounds perfect about now (without any trouble for anyone, of course - just time to do just as you said).

And yes, congrats to you on a week!