Friday, December 28, 2007

The Day In Ryan's Eye's

Sometime in between last night and this afternoon, someone gave Ryan access to the digital camera. I thought I'd share.

Ballerina Bret? Your guess is as good as mine.

Obviously it's way past Ashley's bedtime.

My guess is he was helping to remind me that the Christmas clutter is way out of control and it's time to. get. rid. of. it.

Pretty glad we remembered to empty the trash can yesterday.

His new Leapster game that came in the mail today. We set up his team and got started. Two minutes later, he quit because it was "too hard!" We'll try again later.

The loves of his life - baseball...

...and Darth Maul.

He also got this book of all of the Presidents for Christmas. It's pretty cool. It fans out and has a separate page for each President. Ryan was in the process of taking a picture of each one of them - one at a time - when I confiscated the camera.

Our little cameraman...

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