Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Day Two

I've made it for 1 day and 13 1/2 hours. Yeah for me! I am happy to say that it hasn't been so bad, although I did have my first Chantix related crazy dream last night. Whew - it was something.

Over the past day and a half, I've been able to stay calm and rational which has really helped me identify what triggers me to head out the door and light up. The biggest challenge I've faced so far is when I reach a point during the day when I would normally go outside for a smoke break. I have to stop myself and redirect my attention to something else. I havn't had any cravings, just times where the habit has tried to tell me that it's time to go outside. That would be my biggest obsticle thus far. There really haven't been any cravings. Three days into taking the Chantix, I could tell it was already working.

My iPod has been a life saver. It's gotten me through most of my weak points. The neighbors must think I've lost my mind. When I hit a rough patch while Chloe is awake, I hook up the iPod in the kitchen and we sing and dance. She loves it and doesn't care how ridiculous we look or sound. If she's napping, I put the ear buds in and make myself busy around the house.

My biggest obsticle was last night. Anytime I've tried to quit, I've always promised myself that I could have one last smoke at the end of the first day to celebrate making it that first day. Last night I wrestled with it and thought it through long and hard. And decided no. I had come to far and didn't want to start all over again. So I went to bed - and woke up this morning bright and early - ready to start day two. So far so good....


Vicki said...

Yeah Lynda!!!!

maggie said...

Good for you! I quit smoking June 18, 2007 after smoking 20+ years, and Chantix really made all the difference for me. I still had to cooperate, definitely, but it wasn't as bad as previous other attempts. I've been blogging daily about my experience and reading along with tons of other Chantix bloggers, too, and it has helped tremendously. So many similarities even though each person's quit is as different as the person.

I wish you the best of luck! It's so very worth it. Music seems to be helping you. For me, it was deep breaths and water. Even now sometimes (earlier tonight, matter of fact) I turn to that deep breath method of instant sanity.