Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Hitting The Road Again

Today is our last day up here at my mom's house in Chicago. It's hard to believe Christmas is over and that we will soon be approaching New Years. As soon as I finish my beloved mug of Peppermint Mocha we'll be packing up and getting the kids (and ourselves) out of their pajamas and onto the road.

Any bets on whether Bret will actually let me listen to my new CD in the car - over and over and over again? It's rare when I find a CD where I enjoy listening to the whole thing.

By the way, it has now been 22 days since I quit smoking. Hooray - I hit 3 weeks yesterday and didn't even realize it. And another big perk? We got here faster without making any stops and made it through the holiday without one.


maggie said...

Glad you had a nice holiday, and congrats on 3 weeks! Have a safe drive (with fewer stops and good music).

Brandie said...

3 weeks is a great milestone! Oh, the story you told me about, I loved it ;-) So, have a great trip back! (Sometimes it's good to be home...)