Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Santa Visit Turned Photo Shoot

Tonight we took the kids over to the mall to see Santa and were pleasantly surprised to find that it was not busy and that you are free to take your own pictures. Ryan was instantly in awe, while Ashley acted like one of the grown ups. Ryan climbed up on his lap and proceeded to tell Santa his whole. entire. list. of. things. he. wants. for. Christmas. Yes, it kind of dragged on like that. LoL.
Ryan happily poses for pictures with his new best friend.

Ashley joins in.

Santa has quite a sense of humor. He and Bret clashed a bit over their favorite baseball teams.

If you live here in the Peoria area, you have got to try and get over to see Santa and his wife at The Shoppes at Grand Prairie. They are the most friendly people ever, who enjoy what they do and so obviously love children. Santa was even trying to corral little Mitchell in the store when we had no luck.

I have more pictures, but for some reason the internet isn't being too cooperative tonight. I'll try to add them later. (If it even lets me post this.)

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