Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Little Creeped Out Right Now

Something rather strange and creepy happened yesterday late afternoon. A tall, thin man wearing black clothes and a dark gray ski mask was walking around our neighborhood yesterday afternoon around 4pm. It's probably nothing - and just one of our neighbor's out for a walk - but I'm still a little spooked.

When Ashley's bus pulled up to the corner by our house yesterday, I saw the man walking past our house. When she got off the bus, the man crossed the street, stopped and stared at her. He then turned around and was walking in the same direction as her, while she ran to our house. Once she was got to our house, he kept on walking.

It really scared her and the whole situation didn't seem right to me. It was cold out and the man was wearing a ski mask, but no coat. Ashley thought he was wearing glasses, but wasn't sure. I'd love to hear that I over reacted and it was nothing, but something just didn't seem right. Better to be safe, than sorry. Which would be why I sent out a mass email to our neighborhood asking if anyone else noticed him.

Something just wasn't right about the whole thing.

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