Thursday, December 27, 2007

Normalcy, Or Something Like It

Four whirlwind Christmas's aside, things are starting to resemble some sense of normalcy - if you look beyond the fact that my house is past the point of cluttered chaos. It looks as if Toys R Us blew up in my livingroom - no exageration there.

I thought that I would maybe try to keep the tree up until next weekend, but taking it down would really help take care of the clutter. We'll see.

We've all been busy enjoying our new Christmas toys and are planning on going to see the Chipmunk movie later. But first Bret and Ryan are trying to figure out their new Madden Football game on the Wii. Ryan is very frustrated because it is nothing like playing it on Uncle David's PS3. For those of you that have seen what Ryan is like when he's frustrated, it's sure to be worth a good laugh or two. (Remember how he beat the living daylights out of his 4-wheeler last year?) Oops, guess Santa didn't look too closely at how it's played. My guess is we'll probably be stopping for the PS2 version while we're out today.

And.....according to, in 3 weeks, 1 day, 12 hours, 37 minutes, 1 second I have not smoked 382 cigarettes and have saved $72.00. Wow. In my head I knew the numbers would be high, but not that high! It's a real eye opener.

Not smoking over the holidays have been difficult and I sometimes wish I had waited until the holidays were over, but I look at it this way: my biggest hurdle will soon be over. If I can get through each day, one at a time, past January 1st, I'm out of the woods. Don't get me wrong, the last thing I want is to smoke (and I won't!), but the urges are still there sometimes. I need normalcy. Once the holidays are over and things return to normal, it should be easy again. This sitting around bored is taking it's toll. I need to stay busy. I think I'll go take my shower now and then herd everyone over to the movie theater.


maggie said...

As much fun as the holidays are, I am with you on getting back to normal. Congrats on making it through the holidays, and also on stringing together those quit meter numbers! Pretty amazing, isn't it?

Mz Diva said...

Lynda, I can feel you on the craving thing. Mine are starting to subside after a day and a half of hell! I also be glad to leave 2007 and move into 2008! Girl, I hear you about not wanting clutter! I need Niecy Nash and the "Clean House" team over here pronto! One of the goals I have set for the new year is to get my paperwork in order! (like in a filecabinet perhaps?) With all the money I am saving by not smoking, I could get a new filecabinet AND an organizer for a couple of hours! Have fun with your family on the PS games.

lynda w said...

I hear you on the organizer. But if I could get someone over here, it would be to clean my bathrooms and kitchen floor. Then I'd be one happy nonsmoker!