Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas - Part One With The W's

This weekend we kicked off Christmas, Part One with the W's. Last night we joined Bret's family for dinner, professional photos a'la Grant and of course, presents. The kids had a great time playing with their cousins and the new pony that Santa had brought Brooke that morning since they won't be in town for Christmas either.

Ashley & Ryan pose with Grandma Jerry.

Ryan was super excited when he opened his new Lego Harbor. He's been asking for this for some time now.

Ashley got some mind boosting games for her Nintendo DS. Okay, I was the one who really wanted them - I've got to keep up with her some how.

We were really excited for Grandma Jerry to open her gift from us. We had gotten her a digital photo frame and I had loaded it with hundreds of pictures of the whole entire family from over the course of the last year.

Super Cool Bret with his new Cub's coat. He did his runway thing and had us all cracking up.

Sleep wasn't really in the cards for us last night since we got home late, put the kids to bed and tried to get everything cleaned up and put away. I think it was almost 2 am by the time Bret and I got to bed. Thankfully the kids let us sleep until 8:30 this morning.

Peaceful looking isn't it?

Peaceful until the wrapping paper started flying the next morning.

We spent the day playing with all of our new toys.

Ryan really loves his new Leapster L-Max and Animal Genius game.

Tomorrow morning we'll be loading up the kids and the dog into the minivan and heading up to Chicago for Christmas with the S's (my family). I'll try to post more while I'm up there.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!


Brandie said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! Merry Christmas!

maggie said...

Looks so Christmasy! Hey, I'm from Chicago, too (well, suburbs). Have fun!

lynda w said...

I'm from Midlothian. My mom still lives here, while the rest of my family is in Orland Park and Oak Forest. I just say Chicago because it's easier than explaining where "Midlothian" is to someone who's not familiar.

maggie said...

Small world. Very small world. I'm from the south subs, too ;)