Saturday, May 17, 2008

Perfect Day

What does the perfect Saturday consist of for you?

For me? It consists of a day that is warm and sunny that starts at my son's baseball practice, where he hits the machine pitched ball and runs to first base with the biggest smile on his face. Then he takes his turn in the outfield and misses catching the ball so badly that he smiles that goofy smile that is distinctly Ryan's. He'll keep trying and will soon enough be able to catch it. To see him so proud makes my heart swell with love.

Then it continues on to my daughter's softball scrimmage game where she hits a double. As soon as her game was over, the field began filling up with a team of 1st & 2nd grade girls and I found myself reflecting on how fast my daughter has grown up, as it only seems like yesterday that she was that small and still learning how to play the game. Now she's got a powerful swing and is one of the best girls on her team.

My perfect Saturday continued on to lunch out with my husband and children, then home where I sat on our deck in a comfy chair with my face offered up to the sun while the sounds of lawnmowers, children playing and neighbors landscaping swirled all around me.

I'm back in the house now and am going to start looking into some ideas we've been throwing around for a family vacation this summer. It won't be anything like last summer's Disney Vacation, but we'll get to spend uninterrupted time together - which is what really matters.


MamaFlo said...

Your day sounds glorious!!
Cherish every moment with your children cause it's over in a flash and it's never to be again.
I hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful too.

maggie said...

Sounds awesome. I had a pretty nice day, too. I'm glad that you will be getting to spend some family time together, and I agree that it's just the hanging out together that really matters.

Jamie said...

My perfect Saturday is free of chores/housework, and involves the following things, in various measure: cocktails, fresh air, sunshine, friends, family, and laughter.

I know it sounds corny, but it's true!