Thursday, May 22, 2008

Slacking Off

So, do I still have any readers out there? I've been a bad, bad blogger lately. Sorry about that, but the end of the school year is ridiculously crazy around here. The kids have two more days left of school, plus 2 hours next week and then it's summer vacation. They are very excited and ready for a break - if you can call it that. I've got them signed up for so much during the months of June and July that they'll be begging to go back to school in August.

I've also been trying to plan our family vacation. I think we're going to fly down to St. Petersburg, FL for 4 nights and 5 days. The airport here in Peoria has direct flights and it seems to fit our budget. We'll probably visit Busch Gardens, take in a Devil Rays baseball game and have some down time on the beach outside of the beautiful resort I'm hoping to stay at. Once again, I may be the one who is more excited about this vacation than anyone. It'll be my first time seeing an ocean. I know it's the Gulf of Mexico, but it's still an ocean to me.

Today it's just me here. I'm going to bask in the alone time (which means I'll end up fiercely cleaning my house). Chloe is at home with her mom and the kids are off to school. One day for just me.


maggie said...

No need to apologize. Your blog to post as little or as often as you want. Still, it is good to hear you are doing well!

MamaFlo said...

You will always have readers Lynda but I think I speak for the rest of the quitters - We Miss YOU!!
We'll be here when you're ready to return to us.
Hugs, Hugs, and more HUGS

Mz Diva said...

I was wondering how you have been...I can't believe your schools are out for summer break so early! Its been super crazy for me and we don't even get out until June 20th! I am looking for a job and going on some interviews next week and am tutoring a lot so I am exausted! I am gonna have the whole summer off except I will still tutor a bit at the boys home. We used to have a Busch Gardens in LA like 15 years ago and my parents used to take us there every month. We kids liked it because we got money to go on the rides with and eat junk food and my parents liked to get buzzed off the free beer served in the beer garden! It was definetly a different time period when I was growing up.