Thursday, May 29, 2008

Camera Dump

Because I've been a neglectful blogger as of late, I'm making up for it now with a few pictures from today's camera dump. (You don't want to know how neglectful I have been of my photo albums.)

Here we have a picture I took from when Ashley's school band played downtown at Art In The Park.

Next is a picture I took of Ryan excavating his dinosaur. He got this kit (and about 10 other books) from a reading program at school. Now you all know where your $10 pledges went to. Yes, there was a dinosaur skeleton in there. He loved this project!

Taken today, who says you need a horse to be a successful knight? Ryan and his friend Ben (who is sporting a shiny pimpin' black Cadillac himself) have been out back having a blast. It's the 2nd full day of Summer Vacation and it's beautiful, fairly sunny and 72 degrees. What am I doing sitting in here on the computer then? I'm outta here...


Mz Diva said...

I Love the pic with Ryan, the big truck and the sword! He looks like he is having lots of fun! Boys will be boys on those cool macho toys....I still think girls get the raw end of the deal toy wise...I mean who wants dolls when you can ride around of things that move with "weapons"? I never did get into the doll thing.

MamaFlo said...

What a beautiful day, I don't blame you for wanting to be outside yourself.
Have a great weekend!!