Friday, May 16, 2008

Dose Of Summer

I think I may have just gotten a dose of what summer is going to be like. As soon as Ryan and his friend that I watch afterschool got off of the bus today, another friend of theirs from across the street came over and they played. Enough? No.

Less than an hour later, Ashley's bus pulls up and off come her and 4 friends. They've been practicing a dance that they're doing for the school talent show. Enough? No.

An hour after that my nephew, Mitchell was dropped off for us to watch tonight. We fed them all (minus the two friends of Ryan's that have already gone home) dinner and then I took 5 preteen girls and a 3 year old boy to the mall to buy their all important matching shirts.

My question is this. How did Bret manage to only end up with 1 kid (Ryan) tonight?

Update: So I go downstairs to check on the girls and they're on speaker phone with *a boy* and the girls start saying "POS". Little do they know that I speak text and know it means "parent over shoulder". Ha. Guess that means I need to go do some eavesdropping.

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maggie said...

Wow, could be a very crazy summer :)