Saturday, May 24, 2008


Florida, here we come! It's booked - 4 nights, five days at a resort on St. Pete Beach in July. I am once again more excited about this summer's vacation than anyone else in this family. It will be the first time the kids and I will get to see the ocean. I. can't. wait.

Bret and the kids just took off to see the new Indiana Jones movie, which gives me some time by myself to throw on the iPod and clean up the house. Tonight we're taking our kids and our niece and nephew and a couple of Ashley's friends to the Peoria Pirates (football) game. Bret scored some free tickets since he works for the City of Peoria. Two adults and 6 kids. Hmm, are we crazy?


maggie said...

Wow, that sounds like much fun! I remember seeing the ocean for the first time in my life, and it truly is amazing. Now I live just a couple hours from the coast, and I will miss it if we ever leave. You'll be amazed, though, perhaps after seeing the ocean how much Lake Michigan truly does look like an ocean because of how big it is. I'm excited for you!

lynda w said...

My husband keeps asking me, "Why do you think all of the hotels have pools?" when I tell him how excited I am about seeing/swimming in the ocean. He doesn't care for the salt water ocean/air. I'm just going to be beside myself happy to be there!

MamaFlo said...

Good for you and your family, you deserve some fun, friendly activities and you definitely deserve to look forward to something.
The sea is my favorite place in the world, not necessarily being IN the water mind you but hearing the sounds of the sea and the smell cannot be described with words.
May I suggest that to engage the children in the excitement.........have each of them plan a half day, give one the morning and the other the afternoon, they are responsible for doing the online research. My kids loved that.
I'm a planner at heart and I guess I was trying to teach them to be the same ;).
Have a great time and remember to take photos!!!