Thursday, May 08, 2008

Just One More Day

Only one more day and this week will finally be over. I think I've pretty much run myself ragged. From running errands to dentist appointments to toddler tumbling classes to orthodontic check ups to 3 different sport practices - I am completely exhausted. The past two days I've fallen dead asleep for one good hour both days when Chloe has napped and it's really cost me. My laundry has piled up and there's been a load forgotten in the washing machine for two days now. (Yes, that's probably what you're smelling.) While for some miraculous reason, the house is pretty tidy (maybe because we've barely been here), it's due for a scrubbing.

We are still being brought meals three nights a week from our friends that volunteered to cook for us when Bret's mom died and while I do feel kind of guilty accepting them, it's made things so much easier. We've been taking them over and sharing them with the rest of the family at Bret's parent's house. If we didn't have such good friends, we'd probably all be starving right now.

Tomorrow is my last crazy day, but the craziest one of the week. I have to give a thank you speech (that I still haven't written yet) at Ryan's school on behalf of the PTO at our year end volunteer breakfast. Then I have to pick up baby Luke and take him and Chloe downtown to watch Ashley's school band play during the lunch hour, all the while praying that Luke won't scream bloody murder for his mom the whole time, the way he has been for the past two freaking months. If that's not enough, Ryan has a birthday party (that I still need to go get a gift for) and Ashley has two volleyball games after school.

Yea. I'm ready for this week to be done. But first I have to go get my morning before school routine done right now so that I can get a shower in before I have to leave in the morning.

Maybe we do need another wife. (Ok, I'm sorry. That's really not funny.)


maggie said...

I think meals are the best thing friends can do for people during tough times. Please don't feel guilty. When my mom's illness extended well over a year, the same good hearted people continued to bring meals to my family, and we graciously accepted because, like you said, it helped so much.

Hope your weekend has some time for relaxing and doing a some nothing :)

MamaFlo said...

I agree with Maggie. The important thing is to give your family the time it needs to heal and for the meals to give YOU time to do other things (even if it isn't for yourself).
I hope You find some time for Lynda this weekend, Sunday is Mother's Day.

Mz Diva said...

I am glad that people who love you and your family are there for you. I didn't know people brought food for days into the week but that is a fantasitc idea. I was trying to figure out out to organize a funual at 24 and it was super difficult. If the meals make your life easier,why not? I could also use a wife or at least a part-time housekeeper! I need to clean-up this mess as my cousin is comming out next weekend for a visit!

Mz Diva said...

oops that would be funeral as in my dads funeral.

Jon & Emily said...

you forgot to mention getting ready for a garage sale, too, right? because you need ONE more thing to do!

MamaFlo said...

Hey Lynda, how are you really doing? How is your husband holding up? I'm not as concerned about the kids just because they have wonderful parents that will help them through anything but it's the adults that I'm worried about.