Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - April 3

Thirteen Clues That Tell You Mom Is On A Diet...

1. When you open the pantry door, it looks like YOU are now on a diet, too. What? You didn't know that if mom is on a diet, then so is the rest of the family? Shame on you.

2. You take the bag of "baked" chips down from the pantry and they are already sorted into single servings in ziplock sandwich bags.

3. The cow has been fired. Your beef supplier is now a turkey. Gobble Gobble.

4. The pig has been fired, too. Your bacon supplier is also the turkey, now.

5. She is watching Dr. Phil while munching on a bowl of green beans instead of chips.

6. The grocery bill just got more expensive. Why does it cost more to eat healthier?

7. You know what "points" are. Everything edible now has a number written on it. Unfortunatly, the highest score is not the winner in this case.

8. You know that when there aren't very many of those "points" left, you should stay clear of her.

9. You're afraid that you may be addicted to spray butter.

10. She is mentally calculating how many minutes of power walking she'll have to do while you're at Volleyball practice to be able to eat that Happy Meal.

11. You've learned how to manipulate the read out on the scale. Ok, not really - we're still working on that.

12. She actually uses the gym membership she pays for each month.

13. It starts rubbing off on you. You find yourself taking the dog for walks, too.


kay said...

You go, Girl! Hang in there! You've got a list that hits home for all of us dieters.

Kat said...

Keep up the great work! :-) Mine is up at

Brandie said...

Loved your TT! That really is great. It's totally true how the snacks disappear when mom's on a diet, because temptation is too hard! And yes, the cost of eating healthier is outrageous.

How is Ryan doing today? I just saw your post about his fever. I hope he's better soon so you can get back to your routine.

MamaFlo said...

What a Great TT!!
I really enjoyed this read, it was funny, light, and True.
Continued Good Luck and Great Fortune on your Quest to be a Sex Goddess!!

maggie said...

Nice! Not so sure about all that turkey, though... As long as it's working for you, it's all good!

Anonymous said...

I am in awe of you! You're doing great and you are so right. I guess you remember growing up with all that diet food and diet pepsi in the house, huh? Now you appreciate it more. I always said "don't take my last can of diet pepsi!" But you guys always did! Brat kids!

Tasina said...

For me I would have to add

"You are afraid in your own home of the homicidal chocolate maniac drooling and twitching in the corner."