Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Cleaning Series

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Hi. My name is Lynda and I'm obsessive about having a clean and clutter free home - unless it comes to my closets and other places of storage. Some have said they'd never believe it unless they were to see it. Once upon a time I use to have the time to put things away properly. Now it seems that the basic rule has become, "If you can't see it, it doesn't count."

Yesterday our focus was on the Master Bedroom closet. It's an out of control mess.
Oh, that's where I put the sewing machine! A friend of mine dropped off a pair of pants that needed a new hem - back in January - or was it December? - and I still haven't gotten to it.

Here you have the bulk of the mess. Oh, and did you not believe that I was obsessive? Note that I have a pair of every day gym shoes and a pair of "gym only" gym shoes.

Not cold enough outside for hats and gloves anymore? No problem, we'll just shove them in some gift bags and store them in our bedroom closet for now.
There's that walk in closet that we thought would be big enough for both of us to share! Maybe now he'll get more than one wall.

Crap. There's what was in the closet.

Four hours of organizing, fighting dust bunnies and child labor super nice helpful children carrying crap downstairs later, we have a clean and organized closet. Except that I want you to know that it is KILLING me that all of the hangers are NOT white. Can someone please send me some new hangers, please?

Hubby has been instructed that the order is now work out pants, office pants, jeans, short sleeve office, short sleeve casual, long sleeve casual, long sleeve office, and then jackets - and to stay to the left my robe please. If this doesn't work, we may have to resort to duct tape down the center.

Maybe next time I have to clean out the closet, we'll swap sides to screw with our heads. The things I do for entertainment! It sure is nice to be able to walk into the walk in closet.

My sanctuary.

Now I have to clean out the basement today where the kids and I dumped all of the crap at.


MamaFlo said...

You're my hero of the day Lynda. Bedroom and closet look pristine.

Karen said...

I cannot believe how neat your bedroom is. It looks like a hotel room all made up.

Anonymous said...

I wonder where all that crap went? Maybe on my bed and in my closet, LOL? I will have to plan a visit soon to get you going on your next organizing day.

Your room and closet look great!

Teri said...

You make me feel at home!!!!!!!!!

lynda w said...


Mamaflo - It was your "cleaning out the crap" post that got me motivated.

Karen - Thanks, I love your description!

Teri - No, I'm not coming to your house next! LoL.

Mom - I'm laughing out loud right now, because you should see *your* bedroom right now. That *is* where it all went to. Don't worry though - I've been down there all day working on it, so get your butt down here to visit and I may be inspired to actually clean the bathroom down there for you! Ha!

HRH said...

Wow. That looks amazing. Good work. When you are done with the basement, come help me.

Jerinda said...

I would love to have the motivation to do the same, but I don't. Nice pics though. :)

Jenty said...

Wow, that last pic looks so lovely and calm!

Mr Lady said...

Can i borrow you when you're done there? :)

maggie said...

Wow, you are awesome. You have a sewing machine and can do hems (I don't and can't) *and* you have the energy to do all the weeding and organizing? I'll send you my address - what time sounds good for you to swing by and share some of that productivity?

Mz Diva said...

Girl, your house looking like a "Clean House" makeover! I would like my house to be as neat and pristine, but unfortunately it looks more like the first picture! Actually it looks a bit friend needed help writing a paper and I needed help organizing so we helped each other out. Her repsone was," How can someone who is so smart about ramdom stuff like diseases, historal facts and artists be so completly STUPID and get so overwhelmed about cleaning a room or a closet? Its really true too....we are all good at SOMETHING and cleaning/organizing is definetly not my strong point. Congratulations on doing something in one or two days that would have taken me two weeks.

Anonymous said...

You're gonna clean the room and the bathroom for me? I've gotta get myself down there, soon!

Devoted Mama said...

I can SO relate to this post! You did an awesome job :) Seeing this has given me motivation to tackle my walk in master bedroom closet ;)

Secret Agent Mama said...

Great job!!

Scylla said...

You are way more motivated to clean and tidy than I am.... maybe I can borrow your personality for a week and you can organize my life for me!