Sunday, April 06, 2008

We'll Get There Yet

Today ended up being just as beautiful outside as yesterday so we determined it to be Learn How To Ride A Bike Day for Ryan. Bret went out and removed the training wheels from Ryan's old bike - a bike that has very obviously been outgrown since last summer. Covered in full protective gear, Ryan was ready to go.

Yes, the bike is a bit small but we figured he would feel more secure being closer to the ground.

Here we are still getting use to the feel of no training wheels. First step? Walk with the bike. "Look at me mom! I'm good at this!"

Finally realizing that his old bike is WAY too small, I ran down the street to borrow Quentin's old bike. Perfect fit until we can get him a new one. I now decide enough of this walking back and forth in front of the house stuff. It's time for some real practice.

I walked him down a few houses to the cul-de-sac and spent the next hour running with him, holding onto just one handle bar with my hand on his back. He'd do great for about 5 seconds on his own and then would wobble and freak out. Other than exhausting myself by doing this over and over, I have no idea how else to teach him. If I let him go and let him fall, he'll never get back on, so I've promised him that I won't let him fall. We are now wondering if there might be some kind of link between his lack of balance and his hearing loss because he really does not seem to grasp the whole balance thing. Something to look into, I guess.

My next thought is to get him balancing on the scooter that he won't touch either, in hopes of that helping him out in the balance department. It may take all spring and summer, but it's my mission to get him riding that bike.


maggie said...

He'll get it. I think it's cool that you are both helping him.

Wendy said...

That's a good start:) Wesley, who will be 8 this month still can't ride a bike. He tends to do things in his own sweet time and hopefully this will be the Summer.

MamaFlo said...

I sure miss those kind of times in my life, especially when he finally does it, the look in his eyes is priceless - Lucky You!!!

As for the laundry sorter, this one is very nice (I've had some before that weren't), sturdy and on sale.

Karen said...

You're a great Mom for helping him persistently!! Thanks for sharing the pics with us!

Brandie said...

Loved your weekly winners! Sounds like you had a very productive and fun weekend. I'm sure Ryan will get the hang of the bike thing. It took Amber a while to learn how, and she doesn't have a hearing problem, unless you count selective hearing!

Anonymous said...

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Tasina said...

When Dylan was 5, he just REFUSED to ride his bike without training wheels. It spent the whole summer in the garage. Then one day the 10 year old neighbor kid taught him to do it in about 10 minutes flat. Damn kids!!! LOL