Saturday, June 23, 2007

Side Tracked

Bret and I dropped the kids off at his parent's house for the afternoon while we went in search of a new home computer. (Ours has been acting up lately.) Disgusted with how much they cost and figuring we could get a better deal building one ourselves through Dell, we soon got caught up in the impossibly competitive search for the new Nintendo Wii.

You see, Teri and Scott just bought one and that's all Ashley has been talking about this week. Bret's been over there, too and has become hooked. After checking MANY stores in the area and finding them sold out, we became more and more determined to get one. Five and a half hours later, we found the only one left within a 50 mile radius of Peoria. And bought it. Several hundred dollars later (thanks a lot, Teri & Scott - LOL), our living room has been turned into a tennis court, baseball field, bowling alley, golf course and boxing ring.

I'm also impressed, because Ryan has picked it up extremely fast. We haven't told him yet that they're coming out with a Star Wars game later this year for it where you actually control the light sabres yourself.

And I am still waiting for MY turn!

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