Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Today was Chloe's first time coming to the pool with us and she did great! She had a blast and provided us with endless laughs. Once she got use to the water, she was fearless. The water must have really looked refreshing, because she kept putting her face down to it and licking it with her tongue. She loved crawling in it, too - sometimes to the point where I had to keep getting up to turn her around because she would have kept on going. Whoever thought of the zero depth pool is a genius!
She kept squealing in delight the whole afternoon.

Ryan has become more fearless at the pool as well this summer. He found quite a few uses for this fountain of water. As we speak, he is so worn out and fighting it that his eyes are rolling into the back of his head as he's watching TV.

Everyone loves a cute plumber.

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